10 Must Have Items for the Winter Medicine Cabinet

The season of our discontent is upon us. Illnesses. Maladies. Ailments. Cold. Flu. Winter blues. Since the beginning of time, plant medicine — the art and science of using herbs and natural, Earth-based remedies — has been the world’s primary form of promoting health and treating illness. Today, many of us continue this form of […]

Herbal Pulling Oil: How to Make Herb-Infused Oil for Your Oil Pulling Regime

If you haven’t yet incorporated oil pulling into your natural hygiene regime… …chances are, you have at least heard of the practice. Oil pulling has been used for thousands of years, and is attached to some pretty amazing health benefits! This┬ámethod for oral hygiene, originated in India and is a fairly simple (I say “fairly” […]

How to Make Pinon (Pinyon) Oil and Salve

I just returned from a backpacking trip to one of the most magical places I’ve EVER been…Fossil Spring, AZ. In the plant world, this area of Arizona is known as the Juniper-Pinon belt. It contains such a unique collection of flora…in fact, most plants living here are known only to this region! And what an […]

Herbal Sleep Aid :: How to Make Peaceful Sleep Sachets Using Herbs, Essential Oils, and Crystals

Folklore + ancestral wisdom tells us that the right blend of herbs, essential oils, and crystals can assist the body in experiencing restorative sleep. And one of my favorite ways to incorporate each of these elements into a daily remedy, is to create peaceful sleep sachets… …sleep sachets have been used for centuries. By creating […]

Benefits of Using Essential Oils in the Shower

I’ve recently purposed to begin my days — every morning — with a deeper connection to the plant world! And I want to share with you how I’m accomplishing that goal… …oiling in the shower! Applying essential oils to the skin while showering is an extremely effective way to reap the therapeutic benefits of herbal […]

Winter + Yule Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Winter is such a wonderful time to allow for the aromatic benefits of essential oils to bless our lives. A time… …to cleanse and freshen the air within our homes — often shut tight against the colder weather. Not to mention, the emotions induced by seasonal scents…ones that remind us of all those warm + […]

How to Make Herbal Sore Throat + Cough Drops

Well… …it happened. The dreaded morning wake-up call, “Mom, my throat hurts.” After an assessment of symptoms and a thorough inspection of the back of the throat. It appears we’ve hit it at the early stages. Everyone in the house knows to inform me at the very first sign — even hint — of deviation […]