Preparedness & Survival

 Tons of tips on practical preparedness for the individual and/or family. From heirloom seed kits to diaster preparedness to tips for surviving medical's all here!

Perhaps it’s life in the desert that turns one’s attention toward survival skills.

You see, it hardly rains here, there’s limited natural water resources, and without careful attention to the soil and livestock…nothing would thrive.

Nevertheless, when is being prepared ever a bad idea?

Preparedness is another way in which my family and I limit our dependence, and position ourselves to be a help in times of need. It is vital that we not live in a state of fear. For this to be a reality, we shun the me-and-mine mentality. We strive to approach life with an open hand toward all and seek to reside in community with like-minded others.

Frugally Sustainable recognizes that many of us are experiencing financially trying times. Our family knows what it’s like to seek sustainability in income. We prioritize preparedness, however it’s not all that we wish it could be…this is why I’m committed to providing ideas for frugally sustainable solutions.

Having resources and knowledge will bring peace and security. Check back often to this page for updated information and links. And as always, please feel free to share your own preparedness/survival ideas in order that we all may learn from each other.

In addition to all of these things listed below, our family has created a backup plan of sorts. You can read about it by clicking this link…

Disaster Preparedness

Hunter Gatherer

Surviving Medical Emergencies

Food Storage

Water Purification

Survival Gardening

Cooking Supplies

Laying the Groundwork for Living Off the Land

Survival Blog Resources
*These fine folks have become a source of information and inspiration for me in this area.

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