You Could Win A Gift Certificate to Lilla Rose!

You Could Win A Gift Certificate to Lilla Rose!

I may be a work-at-home mom — busy with keeping the home, homeschooling the children, and trying hard to save my family as much money as possible — but I love a pretty hair style.

Not that it happens that much…but when we venture out, I see my long hair is a great, frugal accessory.

Lilla Rose clips have been a new discovery for me, and goodness, I love their beauty and ease of use. I can throw my hair up super quick and go because these awesome clips allow for a variety of different hair styles that take just a few seconds to do.

Paula Ramm, an independent consultant with Lilla Rose, is the sweet woman behind this giveaway and she says:

I originally became a consultant with Lilla Rose because I fell in love with the flexi-clip! I have very thick hair, and until I found the flexi, nothing would hold all my hair up without breaking or popping out. The flexi is beautiful, unique, and well-made. It is also very comfortable, and I get many comments from customers that they no longer experience pony-tail headache! It also works in all types of hair, from baby-fine to super-thick. The best thing about the flexi-clip is that I can do my hair beautifully in only seconds, and be ready for the day! I am a homeschooling mom of seven, and I don’t have time to mess with my hair! I am sure that most busy moms out there can certainly agree.

Check out this example of what the flexi, one of the most popular Lilla Rose clips, can do:

Prior to ordering, it’s important to watch the sizing and styling videos, as it is vital to have the correct size for maximum enjoyment of your clip.

Other than the flexi, Lilla Rose carries a few really fun hair accessories, like funky headbands, cute hair pins, and my personal favorite…hair sticks!

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So how would you like to win a gift certificate to Lilla Rose?

We are giving away two gift certificates, each redeemable or a flexi-clip, or any Lilla Rose item of the winner’s choice, both valued up to $15.

Follow the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! And good luck to everyone 🙂

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  1. Jennifer says:

    OOOH too cute. I have really long, thick hair and these look like they may actually work. Sure hope I win.

  2. These look great!

  3. Went to the website and saw the four leaf clover ones, and the pretty hair sticks. I love all their hair accessories!

  4. What a great idea! I LOVE that they have extra large sizes!

  5. I love the Lilla Rose Clips but on our tight budget I can’t buy them often. A gift certificate would be amazing.

  6. How cute! My daughter has very thick hair and mine is short but I love using clips. We would totally use these! Thanks!

  7. Once when I had a friend french braid my hair she said “You have more hair on half of your head than I do on my whole head!” Thanks for sharing about Lilla Rose, I wouldn’t have ever known about these lovely clips and things. What a treat it would be to win a gift certificate.

  8. I’ve never heard of Lilla Rose before, but I love the concept!

  9. I LOVE Lilla Rose stuff!!! I have one and my daughter has one. I can’t pick a favorite because they are all beautiful. I would like to try the hair pins though.

  10. I have long, super fine, thin hair and most of the time, hair accessories are too big to hold my hair up and it slips out. ( I literally can hold all of my hair up with two bobby pins!) so I very seldom use any kind of accessory in my hair. Would love to give the flex clip a try.

  11. Lori Davis says:

    These for me would be useful in a small and medium. I have long, fine hair. For my daughter, she would need the medium and probably large as she has coarse hair below her waist.

  12. LOVE. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  13. Always love a cute hair clip!

  14. Aftrer hearing all of the glowing reviews- I can’t wait to try an extra-large clip. I have long thick hair and I seem to break all of the cheap-o clips from the drug store; or my style falls out in an hour. 🙁 Hope I win!!

  15. My daughter has some seriously large hair. Not many pretty hair ‘things’ can handle it. Looks like one of these would be great. Thanks for introducing me to them!

  16. I love the flexi hair clip. I have some pretty serious thick curly hair and this looks like it would actually hold my hair!

  17. We’re thin hair girls in our family and wear our hair up or pulled back a lot to keep it looking nice. Would be so excited to win this giveaway! Thanks for the offer. 🙂 ~Lisa

  18. I LOVE my Flexi Clip! I wish I had 20! 🙂 I have been considering the Celtic series – I love the cross design.

  19. Kristi C says:

    I would pick a Medium Flexi-clip… seems like a lot of great hair ideas are on that site, whether I win or not! I always feel like my hair is so boring.

  20. I love the celtic knot flexi!

  21. Vicki Jepsen says:

    I like the French Twist, but haven’t been able to do that with my thin hair and the usual clips. I would love to win one of these clips. I’m going to order a couple anyway!!

  22. I also love the celtic knot flexi! Everything is so pretty though. My long hair is usually a mess on the back of my head. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Because I have fine hair, I would love to try the low bun. It’d be a nice change from my standard ponytail!

  24. Jennifer T says:

    I have looked at these before and thought they were terrific. Haven’t tried it yet, but would love to since as you said, long hair is frugal, but it is nice to have it look pretty, not just practical. My favorite after a quick look is the Intricately Designed Motif!

  25. Jennifer T says:

    I liked Paula on her Lilla Rose fb page

  26. Jennifer T says:

    I already like you on FB!

  27. These are awesome! I’d get a flexi mini since that would be the perfect thing to hold back my bangs. Great timing on this post since I spent 10 minutes this morning going through all my different bobby pins and clippies trying to figure out how to hold my bangs back for work today. I loved the Tree of Life one, but I can totally see developing a collection of these!

  28. Ronnie Condron says:

    I have been wanting to try these!

  29. I love
    they are all so pretty!

  30. Hope I win! Thank you!

  31. I think I like the medium hair clips they are all really pretty!

  32. Wow.. I have never heard of this company before now. I love the Flexi-Clips.. so pretty, yet so functional!! I love this!!

  33. The Tails Up is really pretty and I think I could actually do it myself. 🙂

  34. Tamara Shelley says:

    I would love the flexi clip, medium or large size I think! What fabulous designs!

  35. My daughter has long thick hair. I would like to try the Flexi Clip for her.

  36. Those are beautiful. I am always looking for new ways to do my hair and my daughter’s.

  37. My favorite style is the Drop Bun! Love that it’s simple to create, but looks complicated and sophisticated!

  38. Thank you for the opportunity to win gift certs for some of your products! I love the chopstick buns, especially the blond’s on the left side of the photos. I would love a pair of them. 🙂

  39. These are lovely! Thanks for a great opportunity for hair bling!

  40. What a wonderful giveaway! They are very beautiful!

  41. I would love to try the flexi clip – they are beautiful!

  42. Wow, they have such beautiful hair accessories! I’d love to try the flexi clip, and maybe even some hair sticks!

  43. I like the “tails up” style. It is similar to how i wear my hair alot now , but with the clip I use I have to keep re-doing it through the day.
    I’ve been wanting to try one of these for awhile.
    Lori G.

  44. Jennifer W says:

    I love these!!! So cute!

  45. I really like the drop bun and the french twist. I have been wanting to try a flexi-clip for quite awhile now. They look so easy and pretty! And with six daughters – all with long hair – finding an easy to use hair accessory would be wonderful! Thank you for the giveaway!

  46. Alissa U says:

    I love the FlexiClip. I am a new mom of a 3 month old who is in the delightful stage of putting anything he can get his hands on in his mouth. This usually include a fist full of my long, thick hair! I’m always trying to find new ways to easily put my hair up without resorting to the ponytail. I would love to try these beautiful clips!

  47. Martha B says:

    These are so cute!!!
    I have a hard time finding something to stay in my hair and I’ve heard these are great.

  48. I’ve read about this company on other blogs too. I would love to win a clip. Thanks!

  49. I love the hair sticks and always wanted to know how to put them in correctly! Hoping to win, they are beautiful!

  50. I’ve been looking at these for a while, I would love to win one.

  51. I love that they combine functionality with art! Beautiful!

  52. Michele Hood says:

    Love the flexiclips. I have a lot of hair, very thick. These would be great!

  53. I’m so excited to find something besides a plain rubberband that may work in my very fine hair! Can’t wait to try a flexi-clip and see if I can finally pull off a french-twist.

  54. I love the Celtic knot and would love to know how to put a french twist in my hair.

  55. Love it! I’m always wearing my hair up.

  56. Julie Stewart says:

    Would love to try one of these…great idea having the videos showing how they are used. Looks like an awesome product.

  57. I always wear my hair either back in a barrette or in a ponytail. It would be nice to have other options.

  58. Hi, I have been wanting to try these clips out for a while now. But can’t with the prices, I have long thick slippery hair and can barely get it to stay in a clip or ponytail. The mediums or larges sound like they might work for me.

  59. These are so lovely. Make me wish that I had long hair. 🙁

  60. Melissa Davis says:

    I love the crystal headbands. My hair is thin and straight, it might add a little pizazz in a hurry!

  61. I had never heard of these clips before today, but this is the second website I’ve seen featuring them today. I love how versatile they seem, and the hair sticks are beautiful.

  62. I like the half up it is a really cute style.

  63. Lisa Suit says:

    I think I love every single clip, but I really love the hawaiian flower ones-my husband is Hawaiian, so that would be cool for me to get 🙂

  64. Kristina says:

    I love the up and down hair style. And I can’t decide yet which clip is my favorite. They are all sooo beautiful!

    • Kristina says:

      Unfortunately I don’t tweet and I gave up FB for Lent so this comment is the only entry I get. Maybe I’ll get really really lucky?

  65. These are so pretty! Would love to try them.

  66. Cristina Eury says:

    I think the 1-0959 Lovely Circle Stone-set, 1-1545 Tree of Life, 1-1715 Fascinating and Fun, 1-1716 Cosmic Moon and Sun or 1-0679 Prominent Dragonfly in small are all lovely! I hope I win one!

  67. I know my 1 daughter would really use this… long, thick and slippery hair! My own is thin and slippery, but I’d love to try them on my girls.

  68. Tammy Helg says:

    I love these. I work as a nurse and have to keep my hair up. These look like a great way to do it and not damage my hair.

  69. i like the french twist hairstyle thaks

  70. Very nice way to spruce up fast! I used to always blow dry my hair straight and hated my natural wave. Now I guess I am over it because I love sleeping on a wet head and waking up with relaxed waves and a pretty but messy look. The Flexi Hair Clip would be wonderful to add to the my hair style.

  71. I love these! I’m always on the look out for great hair sticks but they’re hard to find. Either they’re WAY too long (you could actually eat with them!), the points are too wide/blunt which causes them to plink out hairs OR the points are so narrow/pointy you could skewer yourself or someone else! These look perfect! And I love the figure 8 clip – I’m torn between the L and XL…

  72. So many amazing options – would love the classy oval!

  73. my favorite is the filigree dragonfly in Medium! These look like fun for long hair gals!

  74. I like the Celtic Knot with etched antiqued accents!

  75. Jennifer Kubina says:

    Love the styles! I need something creative to do with my long straight hair.

  76. Gorgeous! I liked the Elegant Ornate Center in extra small.

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