How to Make a Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm

How to Make a Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm

When I say I haven’t been this excited about lip balm…

…I mean, I haven’t EVER been this excited about lip balm!

Earlier today — when I was formulating this new creation — I knew right away that I had to share the recipe with you.

And trust me when I say that this is the smoothest, most nourishing chocolate lip balm you’ll ever try.

Are you ready for the recipe now!?! Well here it is…

Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm

*Yields approximately 10 standard lip balm tubes


1. Using a small kitchen scale, measure out the Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Beeswax. Please note: Feel free to substitute Coconut or Olive Oil for the Sweet Almond. Click this link to purchase bulk organic carrier oils.

2. In a double boiler — or small pot — heat the first 4 ingredients over very low heat until melted.

3. Add chocolate. Stir mixture until completely melted, well combined, and liquid.

4. Remove from heat and whisk in vegetable glycerin, powdered sugar, and natural vanilla oil until mixture is smooth.

5. Pour into standard lip balm tubes.

6. Label and enjoy!

These make amazingly unique gifts!

Where Can I Get This Stuff?

Mountain Rose Herbs…they have everything you’ll need for this project! It’s your one-stop-shop!

The Bulk Herb Store also carries a few of these ingredients if you’d like to price check.

Get pure beeswax here.

I do have these lip balms ready and available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.
You can see the listing by clicking this link.

Mountain Rose Herbs


  1. I just made chocolate peppermint lip balm the other day and its amazing! I sold out of it immediately! You can’t go wrong with chocolate lip balm! Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe!

  2. This looks great! I think I would want to eat it though…!! Great post! 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to try to make my own lip balm. This looks like the receipe to try! Yumm!

  4. I think I could eat that. LOL
    Also, I’ve emailed you several times over the past few months and you haven’t responded. I know you’re very busy, but I wanted to make sure you were doing okay. 🙂

    • Hey Stacy:) Super busy is an understatement! But aren’t we all…
      I have been having major issues with my email which has been not so good:( Try emailing me today and we’ll catch up:)

  5. Is the powdered sugar used to sweeten the chocolate or used as a binder of sorts? Can it be omitted or must it be replaced with something (like potato starch or raw powdered cocoa?). I am sugar free – even in skin products. Thanks!

    • Great question Margo! It’s primarily used as a sweetener and I think it adds to the smoothness of the product…but I haven’t tried it without so I can’t speak to that honestly. All that to say, you can simply omit the ingredient:)

  6. No vitamin E? Do you know the shelf life?

    • No vitamin E in this one:) But feel free to add a bit if you’d like. As for the shelf life without the vitamin E…I base it on the shelf life of the ingredients. Therefore, I estimate it to be 6-8 months.

  7. Does this color your lips?

  8. Hi Andrea, I just wondered what the vanilla oil is? I saw it in another recipe but just wondered if I can use vanilla extract? Or is it vanilla essential oil? Thanks for your help! This recipe looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!

    • Hi Katie! If you click the link to the Natural Vanilla Oil the company that I get mine from does a beautiful job of explaining exactly what it is. In my experience vanilla extract doesn’t give enough scent and vanilla absolute is super expensive…but both can be used as alternatives:)

      • Ok great! Thanks! Also I noticed you measured the oils and butters in .5 ounces but my scale does not measure amounts that small. Do you have the amounts in teaspoons? I know it is more accurate to do it on a scale but like I said, mine won’t weigh anything that light… Thanks again!

  9. Hi Andrea!
    Is it ok to put the glycerin in it? I wonder if it would shorten the shelf life since it’s water based? Any separation out issue?

    • Hi Gabriella! Great questions! I like using vegetable glycerin in lotions and lip balms because of it’s strong humectant properties. Which means it actually pulls in moisture when applied. Vegetable glycerin has a shelf life of approximately 2-3 years so I don’t worry so much about the shorten shelf life…actually I’d worry more about the almond oil going rancid before the glycerin. And no separation issues noted to date:)

  10. Thanks Amanda, definitely a Christmas gift idea! Thanks so much for all your recipes and great ideas, you’ve been a wealth of inspiration to me!

  11. what can i subsitute for almond oil? im allergic.

  12. Hi there~

    Could you omit the glycerin- without adjusting the amounts of other ingredients? Or would you add something else or adjust the recipe? Glycerine actually pulls moisture from WITHIN the body, so despite being promoted forever as a great humectant it in fact dehydrates the body by sucking the moisture from within to the area it is applied. Id love to make this delciousness without that ingredient 🙂

    • What I’ve understood is that it only pulls from the skin if there isn’t enough moisture in the air to draw from…. Use it during the wetter months, I guess?

  13. I am loving the recipes we’ve tried from your site! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information 🙂

  14. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know how great I think it is! Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. About how many chapstick tubes would this recipie use? Anyone? This sounds great for stocking stuffers for the kids.

  16. Thank you for the recipe where can I purchase standard lip balm tube

  17. Is there a substitute for vegetable glycerin? I don’t have any of this and want to make it right now! 😀

  18. Have looked through all the old posts I saved. Didn’t you have a template with which to print the type of lip balm on the container?

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