How to Dye Hair Using Kool-Aid ~ A Picture Tutorial

How to Dye Hair Using Kool-Aid ~ A Picture Tutorial

There’s no need to buy hair dye from the store when you’re looking for a way to color your hair with bold, funky colors.

We tried it and the results were awesome!

Here’s how it happened…

How to Dye Hair Using Kool-Aid ~ A Picture Tutorial

Gather the Supplies

  • 1/4 cup conditioner
  • paint brush, optional
  • hair brush
  • bowls/spoons for mixing
  • 4 packets of Kool-Aid
  • plastic wrap

How to Dye Hair Using Kool-Aid ~ A Picture Tutorial

1. In a small bowl, mix conditioner and all 4 packets of Kool-Aid to form a paste. Note: Feel free to add a few drops of water in order for create a smoother consistency.
How to Dye Hair Using Kool-Aid ~ A Picture Tutorial
2. With a paint brush — or gloves — apply paste to the section of hair that you wish to dye.

3. Wrap in plastic wrap to prevent staining of clothes and skin.
How to Dye Hair Using Kool-Aid ~ A Picture Tutorial
4. Allow paste to stay on hair for 45 minutes.

5. Rinse the hair with water until water runs clear.
How to Dye Hair Using Kool-Aid ~ A Picture Tutorial
6. Style as normal.

Have you used Kool-Aid to dye your hair? Please share your method with us!


  1. and how long does that stay in ur hair?

  2. Oh my goodness! And people actually drink that stuff?

  3. We did ours differently….using cold water to allow it to wash out.
    A friend who is a professional hair stylist said, warm or hot water makes it last longer because it opens up the hair shaft, cold water is not permanent and allows it to wash out. We used cold water and it washed out after 1 shampoo.

    We skipped the conditioner. Instead we dissolved the powder in a small mason jar of water and dipped strands of hair in it for 5 minutes, then patted it dry with paper towels, and dried it with a hair dryer to speed up the process. Red Kool Aid turns sort of copper in color.
    Then put a lid on the mason jar and kept it in the refrigerator for future uses.

  4. Have any of you used vegetable dyes…dyes like you’d dye fibers/textiles with?? I’m wanting to dye my hair but not put harsh chemicals on my head and hair. Thanks for the post.

  5. I noticed you had 2 different colors of kool-aid dye, does it matter that you mix and match colors?

    • No not at all because I did rainbow. The only thing is that the colors might blend and form a brownish color. Have a nice day!

  6. That is awesome!

  7. I used to do this in the eighth grade, lol! I recall dipping my hair carefully into a bowl of hot water with dissolved cool aid, don’t ask me how I managed the roots! Blast from the past! I’m going to try this with my daughter only use your method. She wants pink strips so bad but I refuse to use the chemical dye. I got some henna but have yet to use it because I’m unfamiliar and don’t know exactly how to proceed. Thanks!

    • i know its been a while but, to use henna just mix it as instructed until its a muddish consistency and put on the the wanted areas overnight or as long as possible

    • The only downside to henna is that you can not chemical dye hair that has been dyed with henna.

  8. Look at your girl!! She is the spittin image of her mama! Looks lime she had fun too!

  9. Welcome to the Ghetto….

  10. This is awesome!! My kids want colors in their hair, but like the other posters, I’m not willing to buy the chemical stuff. I can’t wait to try this!!!

  11. Dollar general sells something called awesome its a spray it takes koolaid out even of carpet I used it in my daughter’s hair even took gum out but use at your own risk it worked on her hair but it may not on yours

  12. i’ll wear that to school!! i’m in a private one… meh!!

  13. can i use tin foil? :/

  14. Faith Jones says:

    I’m using purple so I use grape right

  15. Gianna Dez says:

    Use sugar free kool aid and it would nt stain

  16. mary leahigh says:

    i really want to do this for my softball team we were all planing to have one red strip and one blue so we would all kinda match ๐Ÿ™‚ GO PANTHER PRIDE!!!!!!!!

  17. It works awesome

  18. thank you for sharing this project i love it

  19. I just used sweetened cool aid to dip dye my hair and I used 3 packets of cherry which gave me a deep red but I wanted a more vibrant red so I took a shower that night and most of it came out!

    **note**:the reason it came out is because u aren’t supposed to take a shower in the next two days!

  20. Will the color come out if I go in water? I want to go to the pool with my kool aid hair

    • Michelle says:

      The koolaid might possibly come out. I know for my hair it did. First it started to kinda bleed out then when I got out of the pool it was gone and there was a little bit of red in my pool lol.

  21. Hi I love it I’m seeing the results now

  22. And it look awesome

  23. Nathalie says:

    Hi I have naturally dark hair and I was wondering if it would work if I did it with cherry red flavor. Would it be better if I did it with:
    -kool aid cherry red with conditioner
    -kool aid cherry red with hot boiled water.
    I’m trying to do the whole head/all my hair. How many bags to I use? A lot of water or a little bit? What should I do to apply on the cherry red dye?

    • The boiled water lasts longer…with dark you might not get the color you want, unless you bleach your hair in the spot you want your kool aid dye in. If you want a red it might might be darker. Oh and dob’t use bags if you are doing your whole hair, use tin foil and cut it into little strips for each section of hair. You might want a little bit of water, if you use too much for your hair the color will be too light unless you bleach it! I HOPE THIS HELPS…

    • Okay i have really dark brownish black hair and i did this. I wanted my hair to be redder and so u mixed 2 packets of red and put it in a tall container and dyed the ends. if you want to doo your whole head then jus dip your head in. then i left it in and didnt wash my hair. i did it for 20 min then did it again 2 days later for 30 min. it stayed in my hair for 3 months now.

    • Go to a diffrent website their are a lot more about just that
      Hope that helped

    • I bought “sun in” at the store it just lightens ur hair up instead of bleaching it. lighten it up in the spots u want than dye it

  24. Victoria says:

    for those of you looking for the perfect color blend here is a link to show you what colors you need to make just the right shades.

  25. Jennifer says:

    My sister in law did this to my daughters hair. Her hair is naturally light blonde. They did cherry Kool aid in hot water. She’s been swimming and showers each night and washes hair and its been over a month and its fading very lightly. It’s still dark pink.

  26. It’s awesome for me to have a web site, which is good in support of
    my experience. thanks admin

  27. I did my sons tonight for crazy hair day at school tmorrow well i think i might have done it wrong according to these comments. I just used the koolaid right out of the pack and never rinsed it. I left it in. Hes sleeping now. I did it while his hair was wet! Omg I dont think it is going to rinse out now. If you have comments on this please let me knw.

    • I’m sorry that no one was able to get on and comment earlier to help you :c But would you mind telling me how it worked out? Thank you in advance!

  28. Hi I was asking I have light brown hair what color do I use and how long will it last ? Thanx

  29. Hi I was asking I have light brown hair what color do I use and how long will it last ? Thanx

  30. I boiled water and dyed my head with kool aid. I still have the red in my hair, but its unbielivable how long its been in my hair. Its been in my hair since May 2013. 8 months its lasted.

  31. Kaylynn Naquin says:

    HEY, so I have dark brown hair and I wanted a red streak so I actually did both methods. I think I used cherry and black cherry. I boiled water and put the kool-aid in and let my hair sit in there for 45 mins and then the did the conditioner method and left it over night. I did mid-June and the red in my hair is still there, its not as bright as it used to be but its still there. I tried using other colors but they didnt last as long as the red has. So for those who want a more permanent color, red is your go-to.

  32. If i use rasberry kool aid on my mud brown hair will it still show up the color i want?Since im a brunet how shoul i do it right

  33. Eljikata says:

    hi, i wanna tr this one. but i cant find any kool aid products here in philippines. im just wondering why is it hard to find in every supermarket. i still hope to find some..

  34. Is there a recommended kind of conditioner that you use to mix the Kool Aid with?

  35. – Does it matter what conditioner?
    – How would it look on dark drown hair?
    – How many packs would i need for it to show?

  36. If you put a whole package of Koolaid into a glass of water, and then microwave it for about 2 minutes, you can dip-dye your hair and get similar results. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Can you get Kool Aid in the UK?

  38. Do u use the no sugar Kool- Aid or regular?
    Also does blue or red show up on black hair?
    How long does the dye last?
    And how do u get it out easily? Please find a solution and tell me!!!!!!! THANKS!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. What kind of conditioner should I use?? I heard it has to not contain one ingredient

  40. I have black-ish brown hair so I used about 5-7 packets. I just boiled 2 cups of water and added as many packets of the Kool-Aid as i wanted and stirred it around. Then I just added my hair ( I just dyed the tips of my hair) and let it soak for like 15ish minutes. Then when I took it out and used a towel that I could trash a bit, it so looked like a mermaid’s hair because I dyed it blue! Hope this helps you guys if you don’t have conditioner on hand because you just need water and Kool-Aid basically. ๐Ÿ™‚

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