GIVEAWAY! EcoZoom :: A Clean Burning Wood and Charcoal Portable Rocket Stove

This is an awesome GIVEAWAY! EcoZoom Zoom Versa Rocket Stove!

“EcoZoom rocket stoves efficiently burn wood, charcoal, or solid biomass as fuel while significantly reducing smoke output. As a result, less natural resources are needed for fuel and less dangerous smoke is inhaled by cooks. In the United States and Europe, EcoZoom rocket stoves are perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, and off-grid living.”

When I was first contacted by Tom from EcoZoom about a stove review and giveaway, I considered it a blessing!

As a family, we make every effort to position ourselves toward sustainability. That includes emergency preparedness/survival measures.


Living in the Sonoran Desert, we very frequently enjoy baking and dehydrating in our solar-powered Sun Oven. Yet, one area we struggle in is fire — there’s little fuel to maintain an open fire for cooking. Sure, we have a few Palo Verde and mesquite trees but they are few and far between.

Limited fuel.
This was a real concern for us.

How things have changed!

Now that we have our EcoZoom we use it often! Not out of necessity, but because it’s super easy and fun! And the best part, we don’t have to worry about the fire/fuel piece to our emergency preparedness plan anymore.

We’re totally covered with EcoZoom!

The Zoom Versa

EcoZoom offers several different products to meet the functional and financial needs of everyone!

We received the Zoom Versa — EcoZoom’s most versatile and popular rocket stove.

Here’s how EcoZoom describes this product:

EcoZoom’s Versa Stove can burn wood, charcoal, or dried biomass and is our most versatile cook stove. The Versa is a great option for those wanting cook fuel options while still providing the same EcoZoom durability.

The Versa is our most popular emergency preparedness model in the United States and is also great for camping.

The Zoom Versa features an abrasion resistant and durable ceramic combustion chamber with a 10 cm in diameter vertical section that forces the gases to mix with the flame, decreasing harmful emissions and adds a refractory metal liner to the inside of the combustion chamber that protects the ceramic insulation, increases the life of your stove, and improves combustion efficiency.

This stove features our new hinged combustion chamber doors enabling for an effortless conversion from wood to charcoal fuels. Both the main combustion chamber door and the damper door (bottom door) have reinforced metal frames and have hinges that serve to securely close the doors and regulate airflow.

The Zoom Versa also has a durable, reformulated 6-pronged cast iron stovetop that improves heat transfer for all pots including round bottom pots and woks.

Pros :: The Zoom Versa:

  • is designed to burn biomass (twigs, leaves, branches and organic materials) as well as charcoal…all that is needed to get things going is a lighter, a pocket fire-starter, or waterproof/windproof matches (these are the ones we keep in our emergency supplies kit)
  • reduces fuel needed by 60%
  • emits 70% less smoke and emissions than a three stone fire
  • stays cool to the touch while in use, reducing burns and preventing injury
  • brings 5L of water to boil in approx. 20 minutes
  • comes with an adjustable pot skirt which wraps around your pot to hold in the heat for FAST, hot cooking

Cons :: The Zoom Versa:

None that we could find in function. However, if you’re looking for something to keep in a bug-out-bag…this isn’t your stove. Because it weighs 26.75 pounds, it just wouldn’t work. You’ll want to keep this stove at your bug-out location or ready to use for bugging-in.

The Zoom Versa is perfect for peace of mind in case of grid-off situation, camping/hunting trips, backyard adventures, and even tailgating. Note: Its convenient carrying handles make transporting the stove a breeze.

Cooking With EcoZoom

The following materials that make for safe cookware on EcoZoom stoves include:

  • stainless steel
  • cast iron
  • enamel coated cast iron or steel
  • titanium

These are specifically a few of the pots, saucepans, Dutch ovens, and griddles we have used with our stove:

We’ve used the Zoom Versa to cook meals from our food storage, soups, rice, steak, vegetables…you name it! It cooks it all with ease!

I just LOVE this thing!

Note: While gloves are not a necessity for cooking with EcoZoom, I highly recommend these in particular when cast iron is your cookware of choice.

For the ULTIMATE in emergency preparedness…we have also included the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter andGIVEAWAY! EcoZoom :: A Clean Burning Wood and Charcoal Portable Rocket Stove
Survive2thrive’s 100% USDA Organic 40-day Nutrition Emergency Food SupplyGIVEAWAY! EcoZoom :: A Clean Burning Wood and Charcoal Portable Rocket Stove in our family’s survival kit.

Check out this great video on cooking with EcoZoom:

How To Enter the Giveaway!

Needless to say…I am absolutely thrilled that EcoZoom has offered YOU a chance to win an EcoZoom Zoom Versa of your own (a $129 value)!

It’s super easy to enter the giveaway.

Simply follow the three steps below:

1. Click on the following link:

EcoZoom Versa Rocket StoveGIVEAWAY! EcoZoom :: A Clean Burning Wood and Charcoal Portable Rocket Stove

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Good luck everyone!!!

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  1. With the way the electric companies are raising their prices, I would use this to cook on. I could see using it in power outages and natural disasters.

  2. I’m not fortunate enough to have a generator so this would definitely give me peace of mind to be able to provide hot food for my family in the case of an emergency.

  3. I’ve only recently started to give serious thought to planning for emergency preparedness. This would be a great jumping off point!

  4. Rocket Stoves really intrigue my husband. We have no generator but are working our way off grid. This would be a perfect means to stay warm and cook as well!

  5. Georgene Palka says:

    I would probably use it more on a daily basis. I can see using it during the summer for cooking and not heating up my house. And in case of emergency it has the added usefulness of heating also.

  6. I love the versatility and the fact it is a money saver..

  7. This would be a great addition to our emergency preparedness kit. Would love to win it 🙂

  8. Mona Fields says:

    To be able to cook without traditional energy sources would be awesome. I have a family to take care of!

  9. Seems handy as part of a balanced preparedness plan.

  10. would be great in the summerhouse, there’s just a camping gas for the time being…

  11. Our power was out for five days this winter. This looks very easy to use and would have saved us money.

  12. This would be great for hurricane season here in Florida or to take camping in the off months….it’s best feature is that it’s portable.

  13. I think this is an amazing product and surprisingly affordable. In CA, we live under the threat of earthquakes and this product seems like it would be the safest way to feed our family without power or gas.

  14. What a fabulous stove. I love that it burns twigs, leaves, etc. I can see many uses for it.

  15. We have very unreliable power where we are and the loss of use of our stove is one of my greater concerns although we do have a woodstove that we can use, but you don’t really want to crank that baby up in the middle of summer. This seems like it would be a very handy alternative and we always have the wood at the ready.

  16. Personally I would use for camping, hunting or even when we lose power, which happens a lot here.

  17. Knowing that I can cook food and boil water with only the fuel that I find locally. I do not need to rely on the utilities.

  18. I love the idea that there are multiple types of fuel that can be used in this. Never know what you will have handy in the moment but I bet you can always find sticks.

  19. I would not have to worry that I am going to run out of propane for my camp stove, small wood is so easy to come by.

  20. This could come in SO handy in emergencies…and camping. 🙂

  21. I would love to try it!!

  22. It seems that you would always be able to find something to fuel this little guy. AND, it’s portable!

  23. I LOVE THIS! This is an amazing life-sustaining tool!!! I love that you can use many types of elements to start a fire, it’s very versatile!

  24. Lynda Hensley says:

    I would never be at a loss to be able to cook. We have ALOT of power outages where I live and unfortunately – I only have an electric stove 🙁 .

  25. Catherine Griffice says:

    Living in earthquake country, the stove would let me heat and cook if necessary.

  26. Christopher Sorel says:

    great for outdoor and emergencies. Heck great for the scout troop

  27. This looks like a must have!!

  28. This would be perfect for my greenhouse to take the edge off of those really cold nights…

  29. I would know that I could make my family food & boil unsafe water in the event of an emergency.

  30. I have wanted to have a rocket stove for soooooo long, and told myself I was going to have to make it because I couldn’t justify spending the money. This is such an awesome giveaway!

  31. Benjamin Comeau says:

    I can make a hobo stove or rocket stove if necessary, but having a high quality, durable stove like this would be a great relief should my power go out!

  32. debbie mason says:

    Sounds like just the thing to have for hurricane season when you can be without electric and gas for quite some time

  33. Great for emergency use – lightweight and portable.

  34. This would give me such peace of mind. We have ice storms that tend to knock out the power for weeks.

  35. Lynn Anne says:

    Seriously. Something this versatile would be great in so many emergencies, like Spring in Tornado Alley!

  36. This would be great in an emergency because you could easily boil water, with little fuel, to make the water safe to drink! But, this would also come in handy during a power outage or even on a hot summer day when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen! How about being able to cook beans at a picnic! The uses for this are endless! I would love to win!

  37. My daughter would love this!

  38. This would be great to make sure my family is taken care of in case of an emergency.

  39. Great to have as a backup, or to replace current backup stove.

  40. I’ve been eying stoves like this for a few years, partly for emergency use and partly because I’m looking for a reasonable option for outdoor cooking/sugaring off.

  41. The ability to have a contained fire that can efficiently burn more than just wood makes a big difference in a survival situation!

  42. What a great giveaway. I love to see that someone is making a rocket stove to sell!

  43. This cuts down significantly on the amount of wood you have to gather, to produce the same amount of heat! fantastic!

  44. We live in Arizona as well, so fuel sources are very limited. We have worked hard to be more prepared in case of an emergency, but a means to cook food is definitely an area were we are lacking. Our freeze dried food supply can only get us so far! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  45. Looks great with this cold weather.

  46. I would love a Rocket Stove. To be able to cook with so little wood, would be wonderful, all the time, not just in survival mode.

  47. Kandace Huston says:

    being able to heat with so many different fuel sources.

  48. Would love to be able to use one of these in case of emergency!

  49. The recent snow and ice storms have me seriously thinking I need to consider purchasing a Rocket Stove! asap!!

  50. Diane Knickerbocker says:

    My husband is a guide and we love the outdoors not to mention reducing the necessity of utilities. This would be great to have. even if I don’t win I’d love to have one

  51. sounds like great warmth

  52. Lisa Ellison says:

    I need one of these for when my power goes out. Which is often

  53. Racheal Sketers says:

    you never know when your power will go out or an emergency will come along so this is a good to have to cook on when you need it

  54. This stove would be a life saver if we lost power and will also come in handy if we want to camp when it might be too dry to have an open fire.

  55. Randall Wellman says:

    These stoves are really well built. I like that the company donates stoves to 3rd world countries where cooking fires are a major cause of accidents and lung problems.

  56. I would feel comforted to have a secure way to cook meals for my family. We have electric heat so when it goes out, I need another way to cook. Thank you for the giveaway.

  57. We have a wood stove but this would be great for cooking on in the summer! And we would use it camping too!

  58. Christa Hannasch says:

    I love how potentially portable this stove is compared to other methods.

  59. Philip Lenhart says:

    This would be a great addition to the camping experience!!

  60. Jimmy Sta. Rosa says:

    Would love to have one.

  61. I had always considered getting a solar oven for emergency situations, but when compared to the versa there are obvious shortcomings for solar: (1) You need sunshine and (2) it takes a long time to cook.

  62. Can my favorite feature be everything? Because I have totally fallen in love with this product…

  63. This would give me peace of mind by allowing me to have a backup for emergencies, allowing us to still have a nice hot meal.

  64. Peace of mind for when the system goes down. Also peace of mind knowing a wide variety of fuels can be used and it doesn’t require huge amounts of fuel.

  65. This is on my wish list! I have been wanting an EcoZoom for years! This would be so wonderful to have.

  66. Love this!

  67. Julie Stoner says:

    In CT where we have freak snowstorms that can shut electric down for a week or more it would be nice knowing we could still have hot meals & even hot water to wash up with!

  68. i want something reliable in case of a power outage. And if it ever comes, for the big earthquake they’re always predicting for the Seattle area.

  69. this would be great since there are only two of us to cook for, 3 if you count our super dog cooper~can use it in back yard or camping. Thank you for the opportunity <3

  70. Tonisha Echeverri says:

    Just starting to think and prepare for emergencies. Would love to start with this stove.

  71. I just started really paying attention to the prepper side of things. While I have been keeping a month’s worth of food minimum for quite a while I realize that there are other things that could be done. Unfortunately money is tight so this is one of the things that would have to wait quite a while for us. Thank you for the opportunity and the information.

  72. Sharon Lee Lockhart says:

    I could do a lot of cooking outdoors in the summer and not be heating up my house to do it.
    I could take it camping and use it to cook on, instead of in our tent or camper, which ever we take.

  73. Chloe Collins says:

    This would be a great item to use while fishing. I plan on fishing this summer and I have only heard stories of how delicious it is to fire up the grill and have fresh fish right then and there. Looking forward to winning. Fingers crossed.

    Chloe Collins

  74. I would love to get one so bad for camping with my family of 9 🙂

  75. MichelleS says:

    One of my main concerns about an emergency situation is how I would cook my food. What’s the point of having an emergency food supply if you can’t cook it. This stove would complete my emergency preparations.

  76. I would like that I could still prepare meals for my family in case of an emergency which is great since I have children.

  77. Aracely Coronado says:

    I like having the option in case of an emergency where there would be little options available for cooking. It could help me and my neighbors.

  78. I like the fact that with this little stove we could still have a hot meal. Our electricity goes out several times in winter when our weather gets really bad..

  79. This stove would not only be perfect for emergencies, but also for camping or summertime use. I would like to try using it for canning so the house wouldn’t heat up.

  80. I also have a solar oven but that can take a long time to boil water or heat soup or other emergency food. I love that it could heat something up quickly with a variety of fuel and less of it. Perfect for emergency preparedness!

  81. This is something I would use often. It’s too hot to cook inside during the summer and a grill can only do so much…

  82. The EcoZoom Stove’s eco-friendly design for cleaner burning with decreased emissions coupled with not being limited to one single fuel source makes this a great portable stove to have for an emergency situation for cooking and as a source of heat.

  83. John Owen says:

    Great for emergencies due to its multi-fuel design, portability, and efficiency.

  84. This is the one item that my son and I keep saying we need to get for our “Prepper” kit and here it is, and what a great product, for that and camping!

  85. Having a backup cooking source
    that requires so little fuel in my desert climate is a must.

  86. This type of stove would be great to use in an outdoor kitchen for people who are considering living in a tiny house. I just love the stove (and tiny houses!).

  87. This would provide a way to cook without having to use any purchased fuel. Something important in an emergency, especially if travel is limited or non existent!

  88. Annette Knupp says:

    love the idea of how sturdy it is.

  89. Amanda Lea says:

    This would be great for cooking in emergency situations when power is out!

  90. April Freeman says:

    Being able to cook if the power or propane ran out, be able to warm up, boil water so many uses to put ones mind at ease during an emergency.

  91. The rocket stove sounds awesome just throw some sticks in and you’re ready to go..

  92. Love the fact that it can save you lots of money

  93. Love the weight, the ability to burn the wood from our very messy trees and our donkey’s naturally neatly formed biomass. Kind of like peat, only different!

  94. Ava Robson says:

    Would love this to decrease me dependency on electricity. Also want to learn how to install a rocket home heater

  95. jessica purkerson says:

    I really like camping and this stove would help out a ton.

  96. I would absolutely love to have one of these stoves! It could be used for cooking and also for heat in an emergency situation.. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win!

  97. Becky Fuller says:

    We are having so many events in our country that it has become absolutely necessary to become independent in an emergency situation. Thank you for this opportunity to increase our knowledge. We are always helping our family and would be a benefit to having one in Alaska for sure. Blessings.

  98. Thanks for ALL of your great posts! And of course the giveaways!

  99. Getting all my emergency preparedness items as I can & this would be peace of mind for cooking.

  100. It would be used now not just in an emergency situation at our house! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  101. Always wanted one of these! So exciting!

  102. We are always looking for ways to cut costs. We have a large family and many expenses. I would love to have this stove for emergency and non-emergency times. Thanks for the opportunity as I could never afford something like this straight out.

  103. Kimberly S says:

    I would use this stove for camping and as a backup in case the power goes out.

  104. Sounds like a great product!

  105. Michele hood says:

    Great for hurricane season in Florida and camping in summer.

  106. We have lp and are making many plans for self sustainability. On top of it all my husbands job will b going away sometime in the next 24 months. This would b one more step.

  107. I live in the city, yet, in worst case scenario I would have access to unlimited fuel to burn in this handy little rocket stove! It’s like the perfect stove for any sport, camping or emergency use.

  108. I live in the country and we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable. With lots of wooded area here, this would be the perfect cooking devise in emergencies, or even to have portable to use out in the backyard when family comes.

  109. My family is about to move into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and this stove would give me some peace of mind during snow storms or other times when we may not have electricity. I looking forward to owning one.

  110. We are in a rural area and even with a generator having a way to cook between the stove and the campfire is a good idea. Plus we are raising kids who can camp without the ‘glamp’ mentality. This would be a great addition to our camp/preparedness supplies

  111. I can think of multiple uses for this little baby! Certainly wonderful for outages and camping.

  112. The ability to live with what this beautiful earth provides would be the ultimate joy. This stove would be a wonderful safer and much more healthy improvement towards that. Thank-you for this chance.

  113. One week too late. Ordered one of these on Monday, supposed to be delivered today via FedEx. Am anxious to try it out. Sounds like a really good product.

  114. Safety is a major factor for me. This stove/heater looks like a perfect addition for me. Thanks.

  115. Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. I spent a summer cooking on a propane cook stove in our backyard when our kitchen was being renovated. This would be soooo much better if a need like that ever arose again!

  117. This is very, very neat! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Starlene Bortvit says:

    I would love this EcoZoom stove…it would have been great in the last ice storm we had !

  119. This looks like something we could definitely use!

  120. I used to burn wood to heat the house it was messy, this looks much cleaner

  121. Elizabeth says:

    This would be so much better than the camp stove we have for emergencies. I have been concerned about having to use the camp stove or our fireplace to cook from if we loose electricity. This woudl be the perfect answer.

  122. This is incredible! THis is so much more versatile with fuel types that it makes a perfect choice for living off the grid, something I’ve been aspiring to for the past few years. This would push me forward.

  123. I’ve been learning about these stoves. It would be a great asset to have even in regular situations. No electricity! You can heat with it as well as cook. Thank you for the opportunity!

  124. Such a great design. I love the way the company gives back too.

  125. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never seen a stove like this. What a great idea for preppers!

  126. Nancy McKinley says:

    Our bug out location has an electric stove. This would be ideal in emergency!

  127. Ann Marie Forbes Jones says:

    We are avid campers– need I say more? 🙂

  128. Despite its weight I think it would be a great addition to any families bug out gear so that you know you could cook a warm meal for your family!

  129. Having a portable stove in case we had to leave.

  130. Cindy Perry says:

    Great addition to my supplies!

  131. We were just talking about getting ready for camping yesterday – This would be an awesome addition to our camping gear!!

  132. This would be great when we move out to a farm.

  133. I like that it can use different materials and does not burn rapidly making the most of your wood

  134. Helen Walker says:

    I would love to have this! It is well made! I live on the East Coast, so it would be very handy for Hurricane season when we lose power. I really want one. Hope I win as I’m on Social Security!

  135. Sharp little prepping stove. Can hardly wait for this to show up on my doorstep.

  136. I’d love one of these! We’re in an old house in an old area and lose power. This would be great for cooking in situations like that rather than relying on protein bars!

  137. I am new to this concept of having a survival/emergency plan. Winning this would help out so much in getting me started.

  138. What a great little stove! This would definitely replace our propane stove for when we camp.

  139. Would love to have this for camping and emergency prep

  140. I definitely would be better knowing I have this, instead of trekking all the way out to the burn pile with all my stuff to make a meal. It doesn’t happen often, but the rocket stove could be put on our back patio outside of the kitchen. 🙂

  141. I love that this is so readily usable. Where I live there is plenty of fuel sources available so I’d never have to worry about nut being able to cook or boil water for my family!

  142. Living in the Northeast, Brrrrr…it’s cold.
    Would be a nice addition for when we don’t have heat.

  143. shanna boatler says:

    what an amazing giveaway!! i would love to have one of these:)

  144. What a peace of mind to have this! Too few of us really think of the things we really need in an emergency. With this product on hand…that would tremendously!

  145. Tammy Kreis says:

    Not only would the EcoZoom Versa be great for camping and emergency preparedness, it would be great for those spring or fall get togethers in the backyard when nights are still cool enough that you need a sweater or light jacket.

  146. It seems this would be less of a fire hazard than a homemade stove.

  147. This would be a fantastic thing to have–we don’t have a generator (yet) and the prices of fuel (even propane for cooking) are sometimes edging out beyond our comfort zone. It would be ace to have something like the EcoZoom to cook on.

  148. Living in WI this winter with wind chills being so bitter cold has been scary & worrisome for ourselves, our pets & our selves. The The Zoom Versa Rocket Stove would protect all of the above giving us peace of mind, body & home.

  149. This would be great for summertime cooking!

  150. Since FedEx hasn’t delivered mine yet today, so I haven'[t had a chance to read the instructions – does anyone know if these are safe to use indoors, if so, would you have to have a window cracked or it strictly for outdoor use? I would guess with just about anything that is going to burn fuel you would have to keep it from consuming all the oxygen in a closed area?

  151. We live in the Sonoran Desert and have many outages due to dust storms. The dust moves through quickly while the damage takes awhile to fix. This would be the perfect solution.

  152. Knowing that I can prepare food for my family and heating water would give me huge peace of mind!

  153. Rita DeCook says:

    the thing I like most about this, besides the portability, is that I have a reliable means of preparing foods in case of power outages.

  154. What a great stove! To be able to use the wood from our land to cook would be wonderful! Not just for camping or power outages. Also great for heating!

  155. I live out west where it is snowy and cold much of the year, having an extra source of heat like this would bring great peace of mind especially during power outages which we recently had while it was 20 degrees below zero!

  156. There are many reasons it would be great to have this stove. One, no having to build a ‘camp fire’. Two, it’s portable. Three, it can handle multiple ‘fuels’. Four, it could potentially be used as a heater with the proper ventilation.

  157. The nature of an emergency means that it was unexpected. If we’re unexpectedly out of power we need a fuel source to cook our food. Since I have an electric stove, this would fit the bill.

  158. This seems well worth the investment. The fact that it can heat water fast is a big deal.

  159. Charise Cole says:

    What a GREAT giveaway. Its so small and portable and very attractive looking!!

  160. This would be a great addition to my camping kit. And, in case of emergencies, you don’t have to run to a camping supply store for more fuel. Just pick up some sticks and throw it in there! Looks like a great product!

  161. I love that it is totally off grid. What a wonderful resource to have no matter what the reason. It would be an enormous peace of mind to have this at my family’s disposal.

  162. Jackson Barnett says:

    I love that this extracts every last BTU from what would otherwise be “waste”, and heats so effectively!

  163. Very nice.

  164. Love this – would so use this for our campouts and since we live in an area that the electric goes out a lot it would be a perfect backup stove!!

  165. Kim Campbell says:

    With the Polar Vortez even us in the southern states have been affected, This will be great if the electricity goes out.

  166. Awesome stove and perfect for using when we’re on the road with our covered wagon. No more chills or cold meals on rainy days!! The Zoom Versa Rocket Stove’s ability to use different fuels is even more awesome!

  167. This is a great item. Would definitely be great when our power goes out, cooking your food on and heating when camping.

  168. Ronnie Condron says:

    What a fantastic way to be ready for any situation. Being able to cook no matter what!

  169. Right now, I don’t have a cooking option for emergencies besides my grill. It would be great to have something I could use that doesn’t require propane.

  170. Lisa Clenard-Stocker says:

    We love to camp out and live as frugally as possible. We’d put this stove to good use.

  171. It would be a wonderful alternative for heating and cooking when my power goes off!

  172. I like the compact size

  173. this would be a great addition to our emergency preparedness supplies here is South East Idaho for the winters can get cold and we can we have power outages.

  174. Debra Power says:

    This would be idea for me to use for emergencies or in our outdoor space comfortley I could start it easy and not have to wait for someone else to build me a fire in it. I have a large family this would help a lot to ease my mind of how to prepare food should I need to or just to use when nice out and you want to fix something in the outside space

  175. This stove is versitile and not only can cook food but heat your house.

  176. Timothy Hicks says:

    It would be nice to not have to worry about using biofueled stoves to keep my 3 children warm and a hot meal.

  177. I hate cold food, so in a power outage, we would still be able to have hot food.

  178. Like you said in your review: it is all pros and no cons for this stove. Fantastic!

  179. this would be easy to take wherever you might need it.

  180. Peggy Ashcroft says:

    Fantastic for preparing food and drinks when we disappear rambling for the day and get back to the campsite ravenous.

  181. We also live in Arizona, and living in the desert has its challenges as well as beauty. We have just begun to prepare in case of emergencies and have more to learn and do. Winning this would help us on this goal. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  182. Patty Konrad says:

    This stove would make an excellent back up system to provide for warmth and a means of cooking. I think it would be a very nice thing to have along on camping trips.

  183. Having a stove for backup would be wonderful. We live in the mountains and I would probably use it a lot anyway.

  184. Patty Konrad says:

    What a wonderful looking stove. It would work great as a back up stove for heating and cooking. I think it would be most used on our camping trips.

  185. Recently thinking about survival as well as doing more camping, this fits both

  186. This would be great to have as a back up for when the power goes out!

  187. Mary Smith says:

    After looking at other rocket stoves,this looks very sturdy and reliable

  188. Thanks for offering the giveaway!! 🙂

  189. What a great little stove – it would be useful every day during the spring, summer and fall when we always cook outside, as well as in winter for both outings and emergencies. It is portable and efficient, and uses a minimal amount of fuel. I love it!

  190. Awesome giveaway! We have been wanting one of these for use in camping!

  191. After reading the reviews, this little stove would definitely be useful in a SHTF type situation.

  192. I have been wanting to get something like this for years. Having experienced being without power for days having something like this would be a huge relief.

  193. Live in a rural mountainous area with tough winter weather and less than dependable electric service. Great emergency tool to have.

  194. I love rocket stoves, and this is more versatile by being able to burn charcoal as well. Great for both heating and cooking when electricity isn’t available.

  195. :0)

  196. Lori cochran says:

    LOVE this stove! and all things rocket stovey!

  197. Denise Burek says:

    What a great thing to have in any emergency preparedness situation. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  198. Cooking and heating..the possibilities are endless.

  199. Carol Samsel says:

    We live in the country and lose our power often and I end up cooking on the deck with our old camping stove which is SLOW , This would be great for that 🙂

  200. This would be great for camping or power outages.

  201. This would be so handy for power outages…especially when the wood heat stove is not in use! Like most of the year in Texas!

  202. Jennifer Young says:

    This would be great for power outages and camping. I love the reduced fuel usage and it’s portable!

  203. Sarah Reckards says:

    Just this morning I was talking to my hubby about if we have a camp stove or not…I couldn’t remember, and we don’t know where it is, if we do. I’ve been working on compiling a fresh list of things we need in case of emergency, and this is a huge priority! How exciting to check my email this morning and you’re giving one away! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these! If I don’t win, I’ll probably purchase one because they look awesome!

  204. Ginger Oviatt says:

    Wow!!!! Lots of Comments. This is an amazing little cookstove. I think it would be a necessity in any SHTF scenario.. I just put it into my amazon cart, but I hope I can win it instead. That would be even more AMAZING

  205. Very cool design! Simple to use, efficient use of whatever fuel may be available. Would love to try this out even if there is no power outage!

  206. No matter what, my kids will not freeze.

  207. Thank you for doing this give away. This is a great product. I have looked at rocket stoves before but this one meets my criteria for a safe and eco friendly stove. Love it!

  208. Wonderful multi-purpose design! This would keep the family warm and meals in the case of an emergency.

  209. This would be great to save energy, natural resources and save space!

  210. I have tried some other portable stoves but this one looks like it might beat them all. I love the size of it and all the features.

  211. The small size, less smoke than a camp fire, alternate easy to find fuel sources proves it’s something we need. I can imagine this on camping trips making cooking a whole lot easier.

  212. I love the fact that I could use this for camping (although I don’t get a chance to do that very often) or just on my back porch or for natural disasters!

  213. We have lots of power outages due to bad weather in upstate new york, and this stove would come in handy!

  214. I’ve also already experienced no power for an extended period – this would have made a huge difference at the time! Need one of these.

  215. Oh how I’d LOVE to win this!!!

  216. A few years ago our area had an ice store where several people lost power for several days. I was lucky to only lose power for a few hours but I still had my gas stove to use to cook and use for short bursts of heat. I now have electric for my cooking so this would make me feel much more capable to provide for my family if there was an outage whether it be small like that or on a larger scale.

  217. I LOVE this stove. I would use it so very often rather than using electic.
    Whether I win this or not.. I will save up to get one. I imagine lots of us will do that
    no that we know it availiable and such a low cost. wow ! Thank you for showing this to us !

  218. The fact that it is so clean and portable. It could go with you anywhere to help.

  219. Having another option available in order to be able to cook during an emergency is an excellent idea and this would be a great way to do so using biomass fuels.

  220. I wanted one of these for the longest. Its a great camping stove or tailgate stove. Would be great in an emergency, being able to have warm water quickly with just scraps of wood.

  221. Kathleen Escalera says:

    thanks for the giveaway – would love a chance to win this

  222. deborah345 says:

    Every home should have one of these. In todays world anything can go wrong at anytime, either from earthquakes, volcanos, floods, tornados, plus interruptions of gas or electricity from other causes or problems. what I really like is being able to use small sticks, one cannot make a fire pit and cook well on it unless there is a larger amount of fuel sources.

  223. I would love to have one of these for my family!

  224. Just knowing that I would have heat and a means to cook for my family during in an emergency would give me peace of mind. Thanks

  225. Always great to have a quick back up to heat water or soup or whatever,if power goes out or while out on the trail to take the chill off with something hot

  226. This would be a great way to cook without the high cost of propane!

  227. Over the last few years, the utility bills in our city have really been putting a serious dent in our budget, and this stove would aid us in so many ways not the last of which would be peace of mind for meals and in case we had a dire situation with our utility companies.

  228. I already cook outdoors in the summer over a wood fire, but I would like to have an easier way of cooking outside in winter too. I think the eco zoom rocket stove would make it much more manageable to do so. 🙂 Great giveaway!

  229. It would be really nice to have a way to cook with less fuel. Resources are so scarce and expensive…. especially in the Mojave desert where we live.

  230. I believe in being prepared! Although I think I would use this for MUCH more than back up as we are moving in the “off grid” direction.

  231. I’d love a stove like this. While I hope that we would never have to use it for an emergency situation, knowing it’s there, even for something like a power outage, would be an incredible reassurance. We do have some supplies in our “preparedness kit” but nothing like this.

  232. I would feel very reassured with this stove if the electric grid went down, that we would have a heat source and could cook food.

  233. I have limited fuel resources and storage space in a rental house. I would like an alternative to my electric stove when the electricity goes out in the winter.

  234. Robynne Catheron says:

    This is EXACTLY the type of stove I’m looking for to keep in my horse trailer on my thousand-mile charity ride! I hope I win it, but I’ll scrimp and save to buy one if I don’t. I think it’s brilliant.

  235. For emergencies, this stove would serve me best in it’s fuel efficiency, and ability to cook grains and boil water rapidly.

  236. Myrna Throckmorton says:

    The grid goes down regularly where I live. When it does, I have no way to cook or heat water in my all-electric home. This would be a Godsend!

  237. I just love the fact that this is so portable, and that you don’t have to bring along any lighter fluid, etc in order to start. Not only would it take the place or any other outdoor grill, but I know we’d use it on the patio a lot, eliminating our indoor stove (in summer months:-) We’ve lived in this house for 7 years and it came with an electric stove/oven…I’ve been wanting to get my gas appliance back as that was what I was used to cooking with; but there’s always something “else” to spend money on. I can get the feeling of gas cooking with this! Perfect!

  238. Love that you can use wood or charcoal to cook with. Would be great for summer cooking and hurricane/emergency situations.

  239. I like that it’s versatile. It would be great in so many emergencies.

  240. I’ve been wanting to DIY a rocket stove; winning this would be 100 times better!

  241. This would be a great way to help others in times of need. A hot meal when times are tough.
    Whatever God wills, may it be done.

  242. Amanda Smith says:

    would be perfect when the power is down during winter to make coffee or when out camping!

  243. Llyn McClure says:

    this would be a very handy item to own .. useful for camping or in emergencies.

  244. Great peace of mind in any situation!

  245. Jacque Young says:

    This would be a great stove to add to our emergency items. Beings you can cook or warm up with just some twigs, it wouldn’t give off as much smoke as a regular fire would. It would be nice to use even if there isn’t any emergency!

  246. Terressa Ferguson Zook says:

    I live way out in the country, and sometimes have to wait for the propane man to fill my tank when he gets around to it.

  247. Colleen McCaffrey says:

    I would love to have this item for my emergency preparedness kit. Thanks.

  248. Cindy Smalley says:

    Would love to have this for times the power goes out.

  249. I would love to have this efficiant and practical stove, it looks amazing. It would ease my mind in emergency situations.

  250. Anything that I can use that doesn’t require me paying the electric company is a blessing. We have plenty of wood where we live so this stove is perfect for us. Being able to be more self-sufficient is our goal.

  251. It gives peace of mind knowing if there was an emergency, I could still provide healthy meals for my family. It would also be great for camping and cooking in the summer without heating up the house.

  252. We are already doing quite a bit to reduce our water usage and power usage and this would be a boon in that area. Saving on electricity any time of the year is a BIG plus!

  253. would love to have this !

  254. Love this!

  255. I like that it is portable and appears to use smaller amounts of fuel.

  256. I would love the ease of cooking outdoors, and knowing if our power went out I could easily cook for my kids.

  257. I love the size. Perfect for power outages.

  258. Just a wonderful addition to emergency preparation.

  259. Great to have in an emergency, as we would have plenty of free wood here in our area.

  260. the fact that it can be use in an emergency or for everyday things

  261. I like the fact that it will work when the power is out.

  262. It would help us take care of our kids well in an emergency!

  263. joan harrington says:

    I’ve heard many great things about this product, and I’d love to have one to keep in the camp box!

  264. This would sure come in handy when the power is out and we have no way to cook. It is certainly nicer more portable and efficient than one thrown together out of bricks and its quite reasonably priced too.

  265. I would use it incase of emergencies. Also it would help to heat our home these very cold days that we have had lately not getting above freezing for many days in a row.

  266. It’s unique ability to burn multiple fuels makes it ideal for use as an emergency backup stove

  267. I love that it uses little fuel

  268. would love to have this stove!!

  269. Cindy Freeman says:

    This would give peace of mind if there was a power outage or the grid went down. Thanks for the giveaway!

  270. Would love to have this stove!!

  271. We just moved up north and are having a tough time with the cold weather and our electricity and heat going out all the time… this would give me peace of mind that I could still cook for my family! I also love that it emits less smoke for the environment!

  272. This sounds like the perfect little stove. I love the fact that different materials can be used to burn. And with the way our electricity goes out even with a little thunderstorm (my whole house is electric), this would be perfect for still being able to have a meal. I think it would be great for camping too. I don’t think the weight is so great it would prevent me from taking it along.

  273. Love this stove. It makes so much sense.

  274. Love this stove. I am getting serious about preparedness. This would be a great start and move forward.
    Also, great for camping.
    We have new snow.. have to go shovel. Hope the rest of the US is doing better. Kansas City, MO>

  275. Looks good to me!

  276. I wish we had had this when we lost power for 4 days due to a hurricane last year. I think it would give our family great peace of mind to know that we had an alternative way to cook food during an emergency. Thank you for the giveaway!

  277. It would be perfect in case of earthquake emergency!

  278. We live in a cold climate, and in an emergency anything that can throw some extra warmth and be used for cooking (aside from an open fire) is an asset.

  279. We have been trying to get serious about prepping but with four kids, money is tight. This would give me some peace of mind.

  280. Would love to have one just in case….

  281. Having this type of stove on hand ensures that in case of emergency I would be able to prepare food and clean water for my family.

  282. Sounds like an interesting stove. Very exiting!

  283. Love the stove, been looking to get one of these for a while now…be nice to win.

  284. This is awesome! I love rocketstoves and this seems to be the best one by far. I could even use it indoors (in the fire place) when we have power outages. Thank you for this giveaway. I have found some really fantastic things with your giveaways…..I purchased the Vitaclay Cooker, since I didn’t win it. 🙂

  285. It would provide ease if electricity went out

  286. I’ve been thinking a lot about cooking and fuel lately after I watched “American Blackout” with my daughter last week. This stove would help my family prepare for an event that would require us to bug-in.

  287. This is very easy to use and very convenient. I would love to own it. It would make me feel at ease knowing I can still cook for my family in case of any power outage.

  288. Kandis Milonoff says:

    For some reason, we seem to have a lot of power outages since we’ve moved. It would be very nice to be able to have a reliable way to cook for our family when this happens, and this Zoom Versa has a lot of great features. I love that it can use both wood or charcoal, and that I can use my cast iron pots or skillets on it.

  289. this look like something i as a single mom could use as an emergency and for camping

  290. Jennifer W says:

    I would have peace of mind in knowing for SURE that we have a way to cook food in case of an emergency. Would love to win this!

  291. Great giveaway!! Sharing!!

  292. Gertrude Ezell says:

    I really need a good way to cook and this would be great because I have access to lots of fallen branches for fuel and it would be easy to set up in my yard.

  293. I love the ability to use more than one fuel type, plus we have all electric, so in case of power outage…we would still be able to cook!

  294. I like how it needs no electricity. Would be great to take with us camping or when there are power outages.

  295. Grace Filkins says:

    I live the peace of mind this would bring. Not only is it a good backup heat and cooking source but we could use it while camping.

  296. Living in hurricane country this would definitely help in preparedness efforts when you could be without electricity for extended periods, not to mention numerous other society down scenarios

  297. this would be great for power outages due to storms/ and hurricanes, thankfully it has been a little peaceful lately….. shhhhhh.

  298. It would be great to be able to cook in case of a power outage or if out camping.

  299. Michelle Proper says:

    Living out in the middle of nowhere I could use the peace of mind that I have this for back-up in an emergency situation!

  300. If I win, I will use it often in front of my like minded friends, which in turn will help you sell more of your wonderful rocket stoves!

  301. I know if the power went out here, I would still have a way to heat an area and cook for my family.

  302. Scott Williams says:

    I need a backup cooking source after the propane and charcoal are depleted

  303. Debbie Epps Kennedy says:

    Love the option to use different fuel types…

  304. Down in Louisiana, hurricane land this would come in very handy. Even without hurricanes, we have had an extremely cold winter like the rest of the U.S.A. This would be wonderful for lots of situations.

  305. With our multiple natural disaster scenarios in SC, we would have the opportunity to use the stove and help clean up our property by burning the wood.

  306. It would be great to have in case an ice storm knocks out power for many days, which has happened in our area in past years. It’s great that it can burn so many different types of fuel that we wouldn’t need to leave our house/yard to gather if we couldn’t.

  307. This stove would be wonderful during storms. We tend to lose power if the wind blows too hard, so having an all electric house is sometimes a challenge.

  308. It looks like a pretty good design. Possibly a little heavy to throw in a back pack but a good design to heat up food or a beverage with.

  309. Tony Dellwo says:

    I would absolutely love to win this. Would be perfect for upcoming camping season.

  310. Mickey Louth says:

    In a worst case scenerio, I plan on bugging in; this little gem would be perfect for cooking and if I HAVE to bug out to another location, this is portable enough to get there and start up camp. Would love to own!

  311. Great device for camping, off-grid emergencies, and backyard fun. Biofuel is the way to go. Would love to test it out.

  312. always have a way to eat hot food

  313. This would be a perfect addition to our emergency preparedness

  314. being able to use different types of fuel and different types of pots and pans makes this great for anywhere cooking. You can cook on the porch in an apartment complex or a camp site because it’s mobile, contained, and makes for little smoke.

  315. As a firm believer in “TRANSITION” (from our current way of life to a lower-energy, more sustainable and locally self-sufficient way of life), I think the EcoZoom stove is a very necessary tool. Anyone who wants to be prepared for a situation with no microwave, no gas range, no Crock pot, etc. would be wise to purchase this product (or win it, of course!).

  316. I would love to have one of these.

  317. chris armstrong says:

    a biomass stove in a survival situation hold a tremendous advantage over open fire cooking

  318. I would use one of these daily while living out here in Alaska!

  319. As i am a single man i would use it most nights and camping trips for most meals.

  320. I think having the ability to feed my family and heat my shelter with out having to use a enormous amount of natural resources is the most amazing benefit. Thanks for the product!

  321. Charles Christianson II says:

    Awesome stove for camping, good luck everyone!!!

  322. I live offgrid and I would love to add this to my methods of cooking so I feel even more confident that I canfeed my family.

  323. A stove, such as this, burns so little and so efficiently. It is easy to grab and take on the run or have near by in an emergency. Also, in my case, when going to a cabin with no stove, it will be very useful.

  324. This would be great to have for emergency preparedness!

  325. We’ve tried almost every kind of outdoor cooking, so this would be next. This is unique, and I need to learn to cook more with wood, since we always have wood for fuel. It looks practical for power outages.

  326. Oops, didn’t read the question before leaving the first comment.Owning one would give me the peace of mind knowing I can cook food for my family in case of an emergency.

  327. Being a self sustaining family, this would lend well to our lifestyle. We already use our camp stoves but the possibility of being out of fuel is a real worry at times. With this, we could use a natural and renewable resource to utilize it..WOOD! It is also lightweight enough that even I could lift it to use it. Very nice indeed.

  328. I would love to start learning to live more about living off the grid and I don’t have the techinical know how to build one of these, would be a great source of comfort for my family of 5.

  329. I live in South Louisiana where hurricanes frequently invade! This would be awesome for the week or so after a storm that we have no power.

  330. It’s great to see a natural fuel efficent stove that is easy to use with little smoke .We live in an area with flakey at best electrical service in an all electric home this stove would be a Godsend.

  331. I like the idea of being able to use available biomass to create a hot burning cooking fire, without using propane or similar fossil fuels.

  332. A couple of years ago we had a hurricane come by and we were without power for a full week. We have no generator. We had to drag our grill from the backyard to the garage so we could cook. Our grill uses propane. Gas prices fluctuate and supplies are limited. Having a stove like this would’ve been much easier to move around and a much more sustainable option without having to depend on petroleum based products.

  333. This would be great for camping, but even moreso, this would be great if for some reason the shtf and my family didn’t have access to gas or electric services. I love that there are multiple fuel options with this!

  334. Tom Bastian says:

    Being handicap with an artificial leg this would be great for myself when in need

  335. I’ve already got this in my Amazon cart, if I win, I’ll have two 😀

  336. My family would love to take it camping and keep in our emergency preparedness supplies.

  337. We would love this! My husband has been trying to build one and it hasn’t quite worked out like he planned! This would be a lifesaver!

  338. With all the outages we get here from freezing fog and the camping. Trips we take , would use this a lot!!

  339. after living through major tornados that wiped out our electricity for over a week, I would be able to cook my food if it every happened again.

  340. Ive made a rocket stove out of blocks, would love a portable one

  341. Being able to provide hot food to my family on a camping trip or for survival and have nothing else to use.

  342. Oh my gosh, I’d love to have this in times of prolonged power outages….we have 45 acres of (mostly) wood so we would have more then enough wood to fuel this up. Thanks for the opportunity. God bless!

  343. It sure would be nice to have this as a back up when the power goes out – how wonderful would that be!

  344. We live over an hour away from our nearest relatives and in a very small town. This could prove useful to us and our neighbors if there was ever a power outage!

  345. would love love this!

  346. This would be a great addition to our preps.

  347. I would most likely use this alot! We use propane & with the rising costs, would be using this alot!

  348. I wouldn’t have to worry about how I’m gonna feed my family since we only have an electric stove. this would be perfect!

  349. At this time we do not have a portable means of cooking food in case of an emergency. This looks like a great answer for our family!

  350. Paula Stokes says:

    We have just begun the adventure to become self-sustained……one that is exciting & time filled!! I believe that this Ecozoom Versa rocket stove would be “THE IDEAL” stove to build our food preps around. I can see us using this stove on a daily basis! Looking forward to the opportunity to have one!

  351. We live off the grid, having this stove would sure help save on gas usage. Getting the fuel for this stove would be so easy, just a matter of going out into the yard. Looking forward to being able to have one.

  352. Dawn Cahill says:

    I would love to have a stove like this to use in our wall tent. It is and easy to move item that we can cook on and be warm with in any situation and we are trying to have alternatives to our family in any given situation. I really like this product and have been looking for something along these lines.

  353. Stephanie says:

    Would love to add this to my prep items but would also use it camping.

  354. What a neat product and what an exciting giveaway!

  355. Intrigued. Would probably use to also heat one closed off room in my home if the power goes out. We were looking at generators, and we just cannot justify investing in one with our incredibly limited income at this time……

  356. This seems as if it would add piece of mind if we ever lost power. We live relatively far out in the country but down in a valley so if the weather was bad enough and we could not get out and no power ( SHTF) then I think this would be great for warmth and warming foods.

  357. Misty Smith says:

    It would be useful during emergencies and camping. I would like it as another cooking alternative to my Sun Oven.

  358. We’re from an earthquake prone zone but now live in the mountains where forest fires pose a risk. We have our van kitted out with everything we need in case we need to take off, but we don’t have a stove. I kind of thought we would rely on fires but this is a million times more convenient, and won’t risk further forest fires. After our stint here we will be moving back to the coast. There, we will get out heads back into earthquake and this would be the cherry on top.

  359. Multi-fuel is the way to go!

  360. Trisha P. says:

    Having a backup always provides peace of mind especially when it is multi-fuel!

  361. I have been looking at getting something like this and really like how portable this particular stove seems to look like! Just what I need in my emergency/disaster stash of things. 🙂

  362. Would love to have this as a part of our preparedness items!

  363. Connie Meyer says:

    What a great little stove. Great for outdoors or when traveling.

  364. This would be great to have when our power goes out. We live in a state where we have ice storms every winter and our power goes out often.

  365. I would have piece of mind knowing that with this stove, I would be able to prepare a meal where ever I was regardless of availability of power.

  366. I’d love to win one for use when camping, or during emergencies where no electricity is available, I love the fact that you can use coal, wood, or bio fuel in it. and it is so portable.

  367. I love to go camping and I think this would be great to use!

  368. Amy Heinle says:

    This would provide a way to cook with little wood, and provide a warm meal if power was lost!

  369. Diana Allbrett says:

    I would love to have this in my fifth wheel camper for back up if I run out of propane.

  370. Looks like a must have!

  371. Good thing I am on vacation so I had time to enter this contest.

  372. I love the cast iron cook top, should be very durable.

  373. We were without power and therefore water for three days several years ago. This stove would have allowed us to cook and heat water for washing and shaving, etc. I have been looking for something like this.

  374. Barbara Mc/Whenihave Time says:

    With no experience, I’d say the Plancha, just because of the double burners, but the Versa’s ability to cook with wood or charcoal should be good too.

  375. Barbara Mc/Whenihave Time says:

    I think it would be wonderful to have something other than a grill in case of an emergency.

  376. great idea. i am always looking for ways to be more prepared!

  377. Rita Anderson says:

    This would be perfect for emergency in hurricane situations that we face from time to time and an awesome addition to our off the grid camping supplies!

  378. I wouldlikethat I have a way to cook when power goes out.

  379. WA recent ice storm hit the SE last week bring possible power failures. I realized that I was out of propane, and propane was very becoming very expensive in our area. This stove would have been a major player in preparing any cooked meals on the screen porch if we had experienced any power failures.I would also use this stove for those days along the river and coast to prepare our Beaufort/Frogmore stew and other meals. Definitley far safer than an open fire pit or propane stove.

  380. I would use this stove in hot weather and it would be great to have in case of a power outage.

  381. We have trees all around us. I love that I would have a dependable source to cook and heat water but burning all the firewood we have available.

  382. If the electricity goes out, we have no way to cook. This would solve one problem.

  383. Awesome giveaway!

  384. The possibilities are endless. Off the grid, camping, disaster…..I would be able to provide my family and others with hot nutritious meals, safe water and soap since I make soap from scratch.

  385. This rocket stove would come in handy to cook for my family if the power was down.

  386. This would be fabulous, with all the power outages we get in our area! I might even take it camping if it’s not too heavy lol.

  387. It would be amazing to having this stove while WWOOFing this year. Don’t get me wrong I have no problems cooking over and open flame as I did this past year in the Hudson Valley area but this thing would make life so much easier after a day working in the field.

  388. I would use this most often for camping, but it would be a wonderful alternative for power outages. It would also ease the worry of finding a heating and cooking source for my family in times of disaster!

  389. Alison bridge says:

    Having pets and children, I love that it won’t burn them!

  390. Just knowing that is Eco friendly is awesome to me. I also love the fact that it is so portable.

  391. I live in a very rural area where the power goes out often in storms. This would be great for camping!

  392. I’ve wanted a stove like this for some time. Would be great for so many situations!

  393. We would love to have a rocket stove because we are going camping next year for three month in the Pacific Northwest! What a cooking tool to bring with us!

  394. Laura Blaconá says:

    I absolutely love this rocket, I would use it while we construct our cob house. I will not have a kitchen, but we will have warm meal!! I hope to win!

  395. Denise T. says:

    We are trying to get better prepared for emergencies so this would be wonderful to have.

  396. I would be able to boil water and cook food and that is the most important

  397. Great to have in case of emergencies for sure.
    Also for hunting and camping.
    And at a great price where it’s not worth my time & effort to make one for myself.

  398. Stephanie Abel says:

    The best perk of the rocket stove is that I can forage my own wood to use as fuel instead of having to rely on propane or other fuel sources. The insulated walls of the rocket stove make it incredibly efficient. It is able to significantly reduce heat loss from the sides and direct it upwards where it can be used for cooking. A friend demonstrated to me with a similar rocket stove that you can produce quite a bit of directed heat and cook with only a few small pieces of wood. I would love to win this so I can integrate it into my sustainable lifestyle.

  399. Sherri Miller says:

    This would be a great product to have if the power went out or to bring camping. I like the fuel choices also.

  400. We live on the Miss River which seems to flood yearly any more. This would give us an alternate way of cooking should electric and propane were unavailable during these times.

  401. Linda Bell says:

    This would be great to have on hand for backup in case of power loss and very handy to take along when we work at our property as there are no utilities there. Plus, it’s a good way to get accustomed to cooking on a rocket stove before I build a more permanent one in the cabin eventually.

  402. Linda Frucchione says:

    Would be great during hurricane season when the power goes out!

  403. A better purpose utility in case of power outage than a bbq/smoker or propane.

  404. Terri Scott says:

    Would love to have this especially for emergency situations & be able to take with us in the car in the winter because it can burn wood, charcoal, or dried biomass & we never know when we might lose power in the country.

  405. I would like to have this for emergencies. I would feel safe knowing I had a versatile stove at my disposal. I think it’s great you can use different sources of fuel, not just one kind to rely on.

  406. This is awesome

  407. Would be great for when the power goes out and not worrying if there is enough propane in the tank.

  408. How great would this be for hurricane usage!!!

  409. I love that it is portable and it looks like it is very well made.

  410. Wow, what’s not to like about this stove? The price is very reasonable too!

  411. Awesome! I have made rocket stoves before but this looks a lot better!

  412. Tracy Stull says:

    I just told my sisters about this stove. We are really interested in them.

  413. I WANT TO COOK ON IT!!!!!

  414. Mary Howe says:

    I would like it for power outages, we are all electric.

  415. this would be great in power outages, and it would allow me to cook in a worse situation. If we needed to move about, it’s very mobile and would not make too much extra weight for the benefit of having it.

  416. It would be an amazing thing to own one & not have to worry about how we are going to cook food in emergency situations or to even be able to take it camping 🙂

  417. Suzie Gueldner says:

    Looks like a good quality stove.

  418. Having any source of heat/energy available in times of emergency gives me peace of mind!

  419. I like that in the case of a storm or power outage we could still cook and keep warm! I really like tht look of this product!

  420. pam jacobs says:

    For camping or emergencies, it looks like this would be the perfect cooking system!

  421. This stove would give me another option for cooking to feed my family.

  422. I’ve lived off the power grid since 2000 except for propane…well, and internet, but this could cut one more link

  423. When the power goes out, I have no way to cook anything! I would love this to help me on my way to self-sufficiency!

  424. To have on hand for emergencies when the electricity goes out

  425. Sally Blessing says:

    Besides having this on hand for emergencies, I’m wondering if it would be useful to heat the greenhouse.

  426. This is a great giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win

  427. Would love to win. What a great prize!

  428. Eustacia Miliusis says:

    This stove would give me peace of mind during an emergency because I have access to wood and biomass and I would not have to worry if the propane tank for my grill is full or that it will run out.

  429. Yes, it would.

  430. Living in Hurricane Highway, This would be very useful for when the power goes out.

  431. After already going a week with frozen water lines and another week without power this winter this would help in any emergency out here in the boonies.

  432. I am excited to have an opportunity to win this stove. Thank You

  433. What a great addition to our emergency preparedness kit! I would love to win one of these!

  434. In an emergency, without power or even gas, this would be useful to cook on.

  435. Have a supply of bricks on my city balcony. This will be much easier in an emergency, as I will probably loose it trying to figure out the 16 brick configuration in a pinch. hahahahhaha

  436. I have wanted one of these while spending time on my husband’s off-grid WV property.

  437. With a disable son, I worry about power outages where he can’t stay warm. It would give me peace of mind, he was burned on 60% of his body…he gets cold very easy. Thank you

  438. The ability to cook food and provide heat are essential when you are in a situation where modern conveniences are not available. The Zoom Versa does just that! It looks like a great and awesome tool. -H

  439. What a great opportunity to provide protection for yourself and your family against the elements! To be able to heat water and cook a meal with little cost.

  440. This stove would be wonderful for both emergencies and camping. I am always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint and use less resources, so it would be fantastic to have on hand.

  441. my family has been learning about being more sustainable by living off the land. this would be a great addition to have to help us on our journey to eventually living off the grid.

  442. Wini Brady says:

    I look forward to being able to be sufficent at all times. This would help me take the worry off my mind about being on the move and being able to provide fuel.

  443. It is light enough to use while camping, which would be great for trips to the desert where a controlled fire is the safest option.

  444. Joan Blurton says:

    I love the size and true usability of this. Living in a suburban house with no fireplace or wood stove, this is one of the few truly reasonable, portable, affordable options for emergencies, and convenience outdoor cooking.

  445. I’d have peace of mind to boil water and prepare meals.

  446. I have always wanted one of these. I feel it will be a very useful preparedness tool.

  447. One of my biggest concerns because I happen to live in an all electric home, is how would I prepare any meals. This would answer that problem!!

  448. Perfect for camping and power outages!

  449. In what way would owning a stove like this give you peace of mind in case of an emergency?
    Knowing that I could still cook for my family in power outages.

  450. jessica stewart says:

    So I’ll be able to provide my kids with hot food.

  451. I live rurally and I also camp a lot… I would love to have a stove like this around for emergencies

  452. It would keep me alive in this time of crisis.

  453. Cornelius says:

    This stove would provide both heat and cooking surface for my family when needed…also makes for a great, portable BBQ for the current time.

  454. Margaret willis says:

    I would love to win this stove for camping it would be much nicer than cooking over the camp fire and it could also come in handy as an extra burner at thanksgiving or Christmas time as well as an emergency situation with out power.

  455. Michele P says:

    living in Maine, ice storms and heavy snow with cold temps are a given. This would be great to use in the winter months, but is also versatile enough to use in the summer for hurricane prep or outages due to severe storms.

  456. i have no idea if my “enter” worked and i am registered for the raffle . sure wish there was some kind of response to clicking on the enter thingy …. i really wanted to enter this raffle .thank you for hosting it !!

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