Raising Homesteading Dairy Goats

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What a joy to announce the birth of twin baby doelings!

Yesterday afternoon, much to my excitement, our sweet Nigerian Dwarf Goat — Lizzy — gave birth to her first kids.

I knew the day was coming very soon…

…and as I was working in the kitchen, her continuous bleating caught my attention.

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As soon as I stepped outside, I also heard a new, high-pitched cry coming from the lean-to prepared for birthing.

Lizzy had delivered her first baby girl unbeknownst to me. I arrived just in time to witness the birth of #2.

The knowledge I had accumulated over weeks of reading “how-to-deliver-a-baby-goat” articles and books…went out the window as I sat in amazement at the miracle of farm life.

Lizzy did it all!

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I was there to make sure everyone was comfortable.

Thank you Lizzy for making this family’s first-time goat birthing experience magical!


Here are a few of the articles I read over and over. They are great for any homesteading dairy goat lover:

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So…these two baby girls need names!

Our family is asking your help in naming them! Would you kindly leave your suggestions in the comments!


  1. Linda W. says:

    Spring and Easter (or Esther)

  2. Girls or boys or one of each? SO CUTE!!! How about Molly and May?

  3. How precious. How about Magic, and Whimsical, whimsy for short.

  4. Lucy {light} and Ada {adored}
    Just had a happy romp through baby names! So excited for you — they are adorable!!

  5. Hi Andrea! The baby goat is so pretty! Does she look like Mom or Dad? Hard to see Mom in the photo, but I don’t think she looks like her. My does are due to kid this summer for the first time and we are so excited! We are raising Nigerians as well. Hope you get names soon! Blessings from Bama!

  6. Beautiful babies. Loved the pics and I could just imagine the magic you must have experienced when you heard to new baby crying. I loved the pic of the baby going for the Mom’s nipple. Wonder what it must feel like to be a new born taking the world in for the first time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jeannette Olton says:

    How about Surprise and Delight.

  8. Oh what awesome news, congratulations. I am so thinking about Nigerian Dwarfs, and took care of my friend’s two for practice. They are so sweet and funny. I would love to have my own…

  9. Lori D. says:

    I think Hope and Faith are very befitting.

  10. Congratulations! Baby animals are fascinating and your little does are especially sweet.

  11. Easy Peasy & Lemon Squeeze.

  12. Dizzy & Izzy?

  13. Oreo and Cookie

  14. Stephanie Wright says:

    Abeo (I bring joy in Nigerian) and Aduke (Beloved in Nigerian). I thought they were appropriate since they were Nigerian dwarf goats but they also brought you joy and were beloved by both you and God.

  15. Ann Lipofsky says:

    Congratulations on the extension of your “family”. Welcoming new life is such a joy.
    So, how about Joy for one of the babies? I don’t have a second name coming to me.

  16. beetree says:

    Sooo cute! Since the mama’s name is Lizzy, you could do Lydia and Kitty! Or Jane and Mary (or a combo of any of those!). Sorry, I have Pride and Prejudice on the brain, we are going to an English Country Dance tonight. 🙂 Congrats on the safe arrival of your first babies!

  17. How about Daisy and Rose? 🙂

  18. Caitlin | The Siren's Tale says:

    How exciting! Congratulations on your new arrivals 🙂

  19. Glenda Smith says:

    Lindy and Libby….
    Those are beautiful Nigerian kids, my favorite!

  20. Poppy (for the one that ‘popped’ out before you could get there) and Daisy. I love using flower names, lol.

  21. barbara says:

    Grace and hope. They are adorable!!! Congratulations!

  22. Sandra Kennedy says:

    Blessings and Faith

  23. Jewell Burke says:

    First, they’re beautiful babies! I think Itsy and Bitsy would be cute names for dwarf goats 🙂

  24. Charlotte Bays says:

    I love seeing your new babies. I have wanted to have a couple of goats for over a year now. We live out in the country about 50 miles from KC. They will not let us have any sort of farm animals because we are inside a gated community (not like the ones in the city). It is crazy, so I just have to enjoy yours for now!

  25. Rezdent says:

    I don’t have any names to offer up for you…but we use a sort of a conventional naming method. Doelings get a variation of moms name. I know it sounds trivial at first but over the years it really helps keep lineage straight without resorting to the books when you’re busy working with them. Example: Doe LadyLike had a doe (LadyLuck). Then LadyLuck had a doe, Lady Liberty (we actually call her Libby for short). Lady Liberty had a doe this year, LadySochi (LadySo for short, born during the winter Olympics). I can rattle off 4-5 generations on each of our does. It seems a small point when you are starting out but will help you so much in the long run, even if you plan to have just a *few*. Sigh – it is REALLY hard to keep the herd from expanding!

  26. We’ve just been talking about getting dwarf goats. Have heard you can let them feed in an orchard and they won’t damage the trees? And even allow them to graze in a vineyard without damage to vines? Is that true? Lot for us to study about, obviously! Encouraging to see your post here though, timely for us. Are there many different dwarf varieties? Congratulations on the new additions, hope they do well! I like the Nigerian names if they actually hale from there. Or Merry and Pippin…

  27. pixie_bit says:

    I love that they are opposite coloration. I would name them “Darkness” and “Light” or “Onyx” & “Pearl”. I also really loved the suggestions Easy Peasy & Lemon Squeeze.

  28. Tracy Brown says:

    I second Jeannette Olton’s non-gender specific suggestions: Surprise and Delight!

  29. Oh, how very exciting!!! Congratulations 🙂 How about Sage as one of the names?

  30. Congratulations on your super-cute new arrivals! Thanks for sharing their cuteness ♥

  31. Awe.. Cute 🙂

  32. Twins huh–How about Luke & Leia. I am sure you named them by now though. Maybe the next set.

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