the girls and i

Educating my children at home is a way of life based on a set of values and a system of belief. It encompasses every aspect of life through its routine and through our own specific family friendly methods.

Philosophy of Learning

My goal is to provide you with links that are assisting us in defining our philosophy of learning. We don’t necessarily agree with everything from each homeschool theory; but, that’s the beauty of homeschooling my own children. Check back often for more specific blog post on the subject.


Reading, Grammar, and Phonics


Math and Science



  • Sonlight History – This curriculum has fostered an absolute love for history within the minds of our entire family. I’m finally learning the truth on the subject.
  • Story of the World – Supplemental for our purposes.

Critical Thinking

The Arts

Handwriting and Typing

High School, College, and Beyond

Frugal (often FREE) Online Resources