The Challenge Plan

The plan for The 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge:

  1. Each day there will be an inspirational post on frugal living.
  2. There will be a “Daily Goal” that sets our focus for the day.
  3. Participation in the forum is vital. And will provide support and encouragement for the journey. Be sure to read “How This Works.”


I suggest that you keep a “Frugal Living Challenge” binder. There will be “Daily Goal Sheets” that you can download along with many other printables along the way. A binder will help you stay organized.

Here’s the complete list of topics for our 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge.
Notice: Topics and schedule subject to change.

Day 1: Redefining Frugality
Day 2: How To Develop The Frugal Living Habit
Day 3: Creative Housing
Day 4: Reducing Household Bills
Day 5: Saving On Groceries
Day 6: A Healthy You
Day 7: Clutterfree Living
Day 8: Stop The Impulse Buys
Day 9: The 30 Day List
Day 10: Stop Trying to Impress Others
Day 11:
Raising Frugal Children
Day 12:
Growing Herbs
Day 13: Going Car-lite!
Day 14:
The “B” Word~Budgeting
Day 15:
Learning To Share
Day 16:
Living Within Our Means
Day 17: Tips for Finding Free Entertainment
Day 18: Reducing The Cost of Energy
Day 19: Do It Yourself
Day 20:
Stay Home
Day 21:
Commit To Eating Out Less
Day 22:
Produce Your Own Food
Day 23:
A Slow Leak Will Sink A Great Ship