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Must-Have Herbs & Remedies :: Prep Your Body + Spirit for Winter

Must-have herbs and remedies :: prep the body + spirit for winter

Yes! Even during the darkest season of the year... Winter ...our days can be full of life and good health. For those of us who carry the burning fire of natural health, we have herbal medicine. Which makes us -- during a time when ailments, fever, and illness abound -- prepared to fend off and/or treat these maladies. Here's a list of the best, must-have herbs and remedies to stock now! Must-Have Herbs & Remedies for Winter *List provided in no particular order. Various … Continue reading...

Halloween :: Samhain :: Dia de los Muertos Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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Scent :: Smell :: Aroma It has the ability to induce memories, emotions (both good and bad), and attraction. At times, we can smell something that transports us back in time. Memories we haven't relived for years come flooding back -- coupled with emotions that we experience as vivid as they were then. The scents of Autumn! Halloween :: Samhain :: Dia de los Muertos A time to... ...prepare the final harvest ...remember those who have pasted on before us ...transition into the … Continue reading...

How to Make Goat Milk Soap

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It's our first kidding season here at the ranch! I can't even describe to you the amount of cuteness happening around here! It's just too much! And with lots of super sweet baby goats...comes lots of super yummy goat's milk! Besides drinking it, making it into cheese, yogurt, and butter...I'm making soap! For months, I searched high and low for a goat milk soap-making method that spoke to me. I made lots of mistakes. But finally... ...a goat milk soap recipe that's just … Continue reading...