Homesteading [hohm-sted-ing]

v. 1 the act of transforming a home into a property that produces some or all of its residents own food and other subsistence needs.

v. 2 participation in home-based activities such as gardening, raising poultry or small livestock, producing simple products through cottage industry, minimizing consumer purchases, and generally seeking ways to increase self-sufficiency within the home environment.

v. 3 the creation of an homestead with the goal of reducing one’s environmental impact and returning to a home-based, family-centered, self-sufficient way of life.

Frugally Sustainable is the story of my family’s transition out of a consumer culture into the brave world of sustainability.

It’s about focusing on what’s important amidst uncertain times. It’s about returning to…

  • forgotten skills
  • reviving old wisdom
  • creating something amazing
  • finding happiness

I love the accepted wisdom gleaned from life on the homestead and have a deep respect for the creation surrounding us here on the farm.

This page is a collection of resources, stories, and experiences we have acquired from life on a budding homestead in the low desert of Arizona.

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Homesteading Basics

Living Off the Land

better than organic gardening with Frugally Sustainable

Better-than-Organic Gardening

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Preserving the harvest with Frugally Sustainable

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Raising backyard hens

Keeping Chickens

Your resource for Nigerian Dwarf Goats :: Frugally Sustainable

Raising Dairy Goats

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