Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #68

Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #68
The Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday Blog Hop

Welcome to Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday, this is a blog hop! If you are a blogger, please feel free to link-up and share as many posts as you would like pertaining to:

  • Urban or Rural Homesteading
  • Anything DIY
  • Frugal Recipes
  • Preparedness/Survival
  • Repurposed Projects
  • Upcycled Frugal Finds
  • Animal Care
  • Natural Gardening Tips
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Green Cleaners

The list could go on…

Basically, anything that you think will build and encourage our community.

Please Note: I share my personal favorites on my facebook page throughout the week!

It’s Time To Share Your Posts

Bloggers, use the linky tool on the bottom of this post to share your best post. Non-bloggers, feel free to add a comment here with any ideas or thoughts you have concerning frugal and/or sustainable living. Every week I will be featuring the most viewed posts so link-up your best ones:)

When linking your posts, there are only a couple simple guidelines I’d like for you to follow:

1. Remain sensitive to the mission of Frugally Sustainable. Frugally Sustainable exists to be a resource for all things frugal and sustainable. Therefore, in order to maintain the integrity of the mission, share your best posts – old or new – on anything pertaining to frugality and/or sustainability.

2. Please link your posts back to our blog hop. Linking back here helps build our little community by sending your readers to all of the other posts shared. Grab the Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways button below by installing the html into your post. Or simply create a text link somewhere:)

Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #68

What will you share this week? I am so looking forward to your submissions! Remember: My favorite posts will be shared on my facebook page!!!

Here we go!


  1. Thanks for hosting!
    My 13 year old daughter made her own body care products and sold to make money for camp. I’m sharing her decadent body butter, lotion bars, and solid perfume today.

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for hosting my MOST FAVORITE blog hop! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you for hosting!

  4. Thanks for hosting! I shared my easy tutorial to make a feed bag into a garden apron. I am giving away a set of Ball Canning blue pint jars on my blog right now, I hope you’ll stop by!
    Fresh Eggs Daily

  5. Thanks so much for hosting! Hope you’re having a great week!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting!

  7. As always, thank you for hosting! There are some really good posts this week, I have enjoyed some and will check out more when I take a break from the garden chores! Have a wonderful day!

    • Oh ans BTW, Thank you for not using the CAPTCHA… I am dyslexic and it is very difficult for me to decipher the CAPTCHA codes< so I often have to give up on making a post. I can check a box though ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks again!

  8. hello all fellow linker uppers!

    thanks for hosting Andrea! – this week i’ve linked up my (politically incorrect?) quinoa egg dish. delish, nutrish, and possibly a terrible idea.

    i hope to see you and your readers at the wednesday fresh foods link up this week – she’s live!

    thanks again!! xo!

  9. Thank you for hosting! I’m sharing a simple tuna melt recipe and a post all about growing, using and preserving cilantro.

  10. I have so enjoyed this blog hop this week and so appreciate making new friends that our passionate about being frugal & sustainable like me it has been so much fun! But I wanted to tell you I am having a hard time getting your badge to work on my site but I am still working on it I know you like them attached to each post but it may work out better in my side bar let me know what you think could be causing the problem.


  11. So much to learn as always on this bloghop, I need to sit down with a notebook and pen each week and take notes of all the things I want to try. Best wishes from the UK!

  12. Thank you so much for hosting this link up, I always enjoy reading all the interesting ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

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