Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #29

Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #29
The Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday Blog Hop

Welcome to Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday, this is a blog hop! If you are a blogger, please feel free to link-up and share as many posts as you would like pertaining to:

  • Urban or Rural Homesteading
  • Anything DIY
  • Frugal Recipes
  • Preparedness/Survival
  • Repurposed Projects
  • Upcycled Frugal Finds
  • Animal Care
  • Natural Gardening Tips
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Green Cleaners

The list could go on…

Basically, anything that you think will build and encourage our community.

This Week’s Featured Posts

I want to say a big, huge thank you to all of you who participated last week!

Here are the most clicked on posts, in order, from last week:

Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #29

1. “Naturalizing” Your Feminine Hygiene Routine. Written by Merissa of Little House on the Prairie Living.

taco seasoning

2. Five things you should be making (and not buying). Written by the Brown Thumb Mama.

Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #29

3. How to score a Bunch of Free Food at Farmers Market. Written by Penny of Penniless Parenting.

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Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #29

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When linking your posts, there are only a couple simple guidelines I’d like for you to follow:

1. Remain sensitive to the mission of Frugally Sustainable. Frugally Sustainable exists to be a resource for all things frugal and sustainable. Therefore, in order to maintain the integrity of the mission, share your best posts – old or new – on anything pertaining to frugality and/or sustainability.

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Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #29

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Here we go!


  1. Hi Andrea! Today I shared one of my favorite summertime treats: Iced Latte. It is really easy to make at home and will save a bundle over take-outs from the coffee house. (In our town, the only iced coffee for sale comes from a drive through and is served in a disposable cup. Avoiding the cups is another reason to make my own.)

    Thank you for hosting, and have a great day!

  2. I also shared a recipe for sardine salad from my iron site.

  3. Hi! This week I posted on how to save a lot of money and fossil fuels by eliminating energy vampires in your home. I also posted on how to deal with garden diseases organically, including two DIY disease-helping recipes.

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. I LOVE looking at the creative neat ideas people have! So Inspiring!
    This week I am teaching people how to make 4 Homemade Frozen Crock Pot ready meals in less than 35 minutes! Saving $$, saving time, and eating wonderful family meals with little work. 🙂

  5. Andrea,
    It is so fun to come and just read, read, read! thank you for being the hostess with the mostess! Blessings!

  6. Hi, Andrea
    Thanks for hosting once again this week. Great ideas here. I shared my tutorial on how to make a Hugelcultur raised bed garden — a low maintenance, naturally fertile raised bed made entirely from waste wood and grass clippings or animal waste. It is warmer than the surrounding soil and after the first year it doesn’t need watering. My method of building it is easy, too.
    Have a lovely week.

  7. Good morning Andrea,
    A pleasure as always to share my posts with your wonderful linky! Have a wonderful week! Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network ( Seasonal Celebration Sunday) x

  8. I just love your site. I’m so glad that I’ve found you. I love all the natural and organic tips-along with it totally being ok to be frugal. I love there is no pretension about wanting to save money!
    That said, good morning! Today, I’ve linked up my Simple, Spicy Salsa recipe (# 97 ) that’s super easy to make and pretty stinkin’ yummy. It’s cheap to make at home and it’s good for you! Thanks for hosting the party and have a great day!

  9. Sharing an easy tutorial for replanting hanging flower baskets with tips about replenishing the soil and an easy-care flower that blooms all summer long! Thanks for hosting! ~Lisa

  10. Hi, this week I posted a Mexican Hamburger Soup — love how the burger gets stretched in this meal by using it as a soup, and it was delicious too! Also posted instructions on how to grow, brew, and flavor your own kombucha at home to save money. Those kombucha bottles are too expensive to buy at the store!

  11. Thanks for hosting again, Andrea! 🙂
    I’ve linked up three:
    1. Debt Free and I Know It – our funny music video 🙂
    2. Biblical Response to Lending Money – yes the Word does cover that
    3. Tie-Dye in photos…so much cheaper to do your own than to buy the clothing!

  12. Hi Andrea! Thanks for hosting. I linked up another installment in my Top 10 Ways to Save Money – this time with 10 tips for reducing utility bills! Can’t wait to look around at what else has been linked up. Have a great week!

  13. Thanks for doing this. I find so many great ideas here.

  14. Thank you so much for hosting this blog hop! I found so many great ideas!!! I just linked a post to growing potatoes in a trash can. Have a great day!

  15. I linked to my latest post at about how sustainability is an integral part of personal wellness.

  16. Good morning!

    For this week’s link up I’ve decided to submit my contribution to the Secret Recipe Club – are you a participant?

    My contribution: Pan seared duck breast salad with fruit and toasted walnuts. Cooking times may vary depending on the size of your breasts. Mine took a while… Story of my life.

    Oh yeah – and i’ve included a second link this week too for our CSA Week #13. We got a wowza Spring of a box! …and I need help. I’m on pause! PAUSE!

  17. Thanks for the feature! I’m honored to be listed along with such great posts!

  18. There’s only another month of seasonal spot prawn goodness! That’s why I’ve linked up a very simple but uber succulent recipe for spot prawns on toast. mmmmm spot prawns.

  19. Nicole H. says:

    I somehow missed the download of the ebook. Any way I could have a redo?

  20. I’m not seeing the download to ebook either

  21. Thank you! I am glad to be back and sharing again on your amazing site—this week for Fabulously Frugal Friday I am sharing how to make sweet and feminine nightgowns from pillowcases! 🙂

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