Creating a Kitchen Pharmacy: Make Your Own Herbal Capsules

Creating a Kitchen Pharmacy: Make Your Own Herbal Capsules

Creating a Kitchen Pharmacy: Make Your Own Herbal Capsules

A home-based pharmacy isn’t complete without the inclusion of ready-to-consume herbal capsules. However, the downside to buying pre-packaged, commercially-prepared capsules is the uncertainty of their contents and freshness.

Making your own allows you the freedom to control the ingredients and to know without a shadow of a doubt their potency.

How to Make Herbal Capsules

When I first began encapsulating powdered herbs I did so using the old-fashioned method of using the two halves of a capsule to scoop up the powders prior to pushing the ends together.

Wow! Is that time consuming!

Since then I have purchased a small little device that allows me to prepare approximately 24 capsules at a time. The “capsule machines,” along with the 100 % vegetarian capsules (Note: These specific capsules contain no animal derived ingredients, starch, preservatives, wheat, or GMO materials) are very affordable and make encapsulating powdered herbs a breeze.

And another word on veggie caps, there are generally two sizes of capsules “0” and “00.” I much prefer the “00” because they are about 50% larger and can hold more of the herb, however “0” may be better for those who struggle with swallowing pills.

What to Use

Growing, drying, and grinding your own herbs is obviously the best option when making capsules — or any other remedy. Yet it isn’t always feasible due to time constraints and growing space.

Thankfully there are great companies and farms committed to providing exceptional quality medicinal plant materials.

It’s always best to use powdered herbs when making herbal capsules.

Watch and Learn

Here’s a great video that gives a thorough step-by-step tutorial so that you can learn to create your own:

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  1. This is a great post! So here is a question- you mentioned veggie capsules….I have a friend that struggles with eating vegetables…..would dehydrated and powdered greens and some veggies put in capsules help him counter that? I am guessin thats what juice plus and others in the health food store are?

    Am lovin these posts- great topics!!

  2. Silly me- I shouldn’t read things right before I go to bed! Now realize when you said veggie you were talking about the capsule itself. However, I am still wondering if it would work for my friend?

    • Denise Spencer says:

      Alyssa, I didn’t see a reply to your post, but I think your friend could put the powdered greens in the capsules. For the first try I would measure out the serving size first, then see how many capsules it fills. That would then be the number he would have to take to be a serving.

  3. I really liked that video! Some years back I had a horrible sore throat and took some echinacea and goldenseal capsules apart and stirred them into regular hot tea, which is what I had on hand. It was so soothing to my throat! Now that I’ve heard of Mountain Rose Herbs I’d be likely to make a tincture. Thanks for the information that you share.

  4. Thanks for linking the video on filling capsules. It made filling your own look easy as can be!

    Linda (aka Ratwife)

  5. Tempting, very tempting. I would LOVE the opportunity to stop buying disposable plastic bottles full of supplements. Thanks for the great post and the leadership on this!

  6. Filling capsules is easy! I usually sit down at night while watching a tv with my husband and make my capsules.

  7. wonderful post! and a great way to be certain of what you are putting into your body….no small matter there as more and more things come from overseas.

  8. I am interested in making my own cayenne pepper capsules to stimulate metabolism while on a weight loss plan. I am concerned that the amount used to fill a capsule might be too much, considering how intense cayenne pepper is, even in small amounts. Should the cayenne be mixed with another herb to lessen the strength? I don’t want to end up damaging my liver or stomach. Any advise would be appreciated!

  9. I have just received my capsule machine and I’m so excited! Thanks for this post. I am currently taking Juice Plus (as is my hubby) and if you’re interested or have questions, I’d be happy to talk… I LOVE it. So does Hubbs. I’m super excited to make my own herbal solutions tho. Will be a great addition to our pantry.

  10. KarinSDCA says:

    John Gallagher at Learning Herbs dot com is an awesome resource for all things herbal!!!!! His videos make everything so simple and straightforward. His website has plenty of free tutorials to educate yourself.

    Andrea, your blog is nicely put together and your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!!!

  11. Hi,
    You have awesome information. I am a first time visitor and at first sight I liked your blog. Keep it up.
    I ordered 00 size capsules and planning to buy 10 gm of powdered herb. Would you please help me calculate how many capsules will I be able to make it ? I would appreciate your help.

  12. Hi – does the capsule machine take the 0 and 00 sized capsules – cheers, Rose

    • I know this may be a late response but I see no one else answered you. The capsule machine is set for only 1 specific size. I have two of these capsule makers, one for the 0 and a separate maker for the 00. I’ve tried a couple other capsule makers but haven’t found one that will do more than one size. Hope this helps. Good luck!

      • Hello If you made various things liver or pumpkin capsules do you need size 0 and 00? And what sizes are used for what?

  13. Can this combination be made into a tea for those of us who are unable to swallow capsules?

  14. Ranga Nathan says:

    firstly thank you for the information along blog. I am thinking of making some moringa capsules. however I don’t know how I can grind the leaves well to put in the capsules. can you suggest some grinding machines that would make a fine powder thank you

  15. Ranga Nathan says:

    firstly thank you for the informational blog. I am thinking of making some moringa capsules. however I don’t know how I can grind the leaves well to put into the capsules. can you suggest some grinding machines that would make a fine powder thank you

  16. Amir Valle says:

    hi, i’m planning to make my own cayenne pepper capsule and turmeric capsule. Can i just buy cayenne pepper and turmeric powder in groceries and just put in inside the capsules? is that it?

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